Future budding programmers in Bordeaux?

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In recent years, it has become a fact that engineering and computer schools are developing. ENSEIRB, Epitech, Exia Cesiand Ynov are among the many special schools that are present in Bordeaux, and which see their numbers grow every year. Young people, mostly newly graduated from the Baccalaureate who want to move into a field that recruits and is destined to develop further in the years to come, with the increasing emergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, choose this path.

But why wait so long to start coding, playing with computer programs, innovating? This is the question Claude Terosier asked himself in 2014. She is an engineer, has worked for large groups and sees potential in young children. They learn fast, and they’re born “connected.” She decided to create Magic Makers, a computer “school” for young children aged 6 to 15 by offering them small classes each week around the themes related to computer science, with a dimension always playful. This Parisian start-up has established itself in Bordeaux, in the Chartrons district and is enjoying great success. The places, limited, leave very quickly, and the parents are delighted. Apprentice programmers have fun, program lego-made robots, or small drones, and want to create more and more things. For the leader of this company, this allows them to have a more open mind to the world around them, and Bordeaux is a city that is in this development, with its label French Tech, or the multitude of events that are organized around digital and digital. This is why Bordeaux was chosen as the “pilot city” for this regional development, because the centres were currently only located in the Paris region. The Magic Makers project is of interest to schools that organize events in partnership with the start-up, such as ENSEIRB during Robot Makers Day, which took place on May 13, but also companies such as Coolworking, Bordeaux Metro Pulse or the Cultura group.

She will also take part in an international event that will take place in Bordeaux on July 18 and 19, the “Scratch” conference that children learn to use.
This centre is the first of its kind to be established, and offers weekly courses all year round, but also internships during the summer holidays, or discovery sessions. Because even though IT is growing exponentially, it doesn’t mean that all children want to get into the programmation or the debug of computer programs.

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


Magic Makers website

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