Deconfinement: good resolutions for sport

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Although often underestimated, the sports market pays a lot. According to the Ministry of City, Youth and Sports, “Sports expenditure in France (excluding volunteering) amounted to about 36.4 billion euros for the year 2012” (1). These expenses relate to sports equipment, coaching or subscriptions within sports facilities. These expenditures continue to increase. With considerable interest in the gym in recent times, teams and employees of the sports sector have had to adapt their offerings to the current health crisis situation. The Covid-19 does not hinder the expansion of the sports sector. It is responsible for making good resolutions for the summer of 2020.

Respect for social distancing in gyms

“The sports economy accounts for almost 2% of the world’s GDP, or about 1,200 billion euros,” according to the same statistics from the Ministry of City, Youth and Sport (1). The economic weight of gym subscriptions is a major part of this.

The notoriety enjoyed by gyms is growing today. Every day, a new hall opens, especially in the French metropolises. Some sports brands stand out such as Basic Fit, Fitness Park, Neoness, and many others…

Respect for your body and the practice of fitness and bodybuilding are booming. Facilities of origin of the human body’s fitness or fitness; have now become real economic players.

However, with the Covid-19, all these sports infrastructures must be adapted to respect social distance and barrier gestures.

Indeed, with catering and cultural establishments in particular, the gyms also had the right to reopen their doors after the de-confinement. The goal is to play sports yes, but safely.

Studio Sport By Fred Mompo, a gym in Paris, was accompanied by Councillor Forty Six. The purpose of this union is to reorganize the sports facilities of the gym. Stickers, posters, protective plexiglass or ground marking vinyls have been installed to help adapt sanitary measures.

Fitness, the new sports trend that pays big money

Fitness is at the origin of this craze for gyms. Although it is possible to have personalized sessions with coaches in the gym, fitness also extends its power outdoors.

Indeed, it is no longer uncommon to see tens or even hundreds of people gather in some places. This is often the case in large cities. For example, before the arrival of the Covid-19 in France, it was very common to meet groups of sportsmen on the quays, along the Garonne, in Bordeaux. They were in full physical effort, accompanied by coaches. A practice that will resume as soon as the health situation returns to normal, no doubt.

It is a real business that is created around these coachings. Fitness is the new sporting trend of recent months and even years. It is therefore obvious that many amateurs are looking for professionals to coach them.

Coaching sessions in the gym are organized regularly. They are accessible in small groups or one-on-one with a fitness professional.

This trend has grown so much that many Youtube channels have opened up to meet the demand for fitness advice and coaching. Moreover, with respect for the protective gestures imposed by the Covid-19; to practice sport in a dematerialized way is the perfect alternative.

This approach allows sports enthusiasts to pass on their knowledge, practice physical activity and embark on their own online adventure.

The opening of new structures to accommodate the recent effervescence around sport

In order to meet the growing demand for sports equipment; new structures are emerging.

Fitness is particularly responsible for the increased demand for sports equipment. Some stores may not necessarily have these particular equipments in large quantities.

In addition, “the sportswear and goods segment ranks 4th in the consumer goods market” according to the Ministry of City, Youth and Sports (1). Sports equipment sales brands must therefore multiply in order to satisfy a diversification of demand.

This is the case with the arrival of a new Intersport store in Bordeaux Lac. This is an establishment of a new concept. On the one hand, like any good store that respects itself, it will offer for sale assortments covering all sports categories, not to mention the sports of the new trend. On the other hand, many employees are present within the establishment to accompany the consumer from the beginning to the end of his experience.

It is a real immersion that is sought by this new concept of sports establishments. They also offer bonus sports activities such as workshops, in order to meet the expectations of sports enthusiasts.

The sports sector is growing in the lives of more and more French people. Sport, used as a release for some, reconnects the body to the mind for others. Regardless of our intentions to engage in outdoor or indoor physical activity, the sport sector is growing year by year. A boom that translates into a fitness trend right now. It’s a new business that’s being created around it. Moreover, with the arrival of summer, sport is part of many French resolutions. Covid-19 or without Covid-19, the sports sector does not intend to stop its ascent soon. It benefits the health of so many French people, that it would be a shame to wish him the opposite!


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