From the protective insurer to the solidarity insurer

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The insurer is a privileged contact for businesses and individuals throughout their lives. Insurance allows an insured to collect a specified amount in the case of a damage. More than a partner of everyday life, it is an outstretched hand to support the insured in the face of the difficulties encountered. As a result of COVID-19, companies in all sectors have been impacted on their business. As the activity gradually resumes, listening and solidarity are put in place. They help these fragile companies.

Protective insurance, a new solidarity with companies?

Insurance protects all aspects of an entrepreneur’s life in his or her professional activity. For premises, insurance can cover external damage, such as floods, fires or theft. Unfortunately, these are things that a business leader cannot anticipate. This kind of degradation can jeopardize the good continuation of a company’s activity. Especially when it affects the equipment, the goods sold. There is also insurance dedicated to operating loss. It supports a business by paying for fixed and additional costs. This is taken care of while the company regains its financial balance. The insurance of functional vehicles is also particularly well known, as is automobile insurance for private vehicles.

In short, the insurer is a daily contact with companies, covering all risks and damages that may occur during the activity. COVID-19 has temporarily stopped the activities of many companies that cannot work in telework. With this stoppage, some have to face a difficult recovery, for lack of revenue. Nevertheless, they can count on the widespread solidarity of many actors. The region and the government have offered aid to businesses to help them stay afloat.

At the same time, the Matmut Group has set up a simulator to help companies identify and estimate the aids they can claim. This allows them to have an accurate estimate in a few clicks given their particular situation. Thus, a real solidarity has been established. This solidarity web application takes into account all the measures taken for the deferral of expenses, contributions and rents.

The solidarity insurer, an interlocutor who listens to companies

Since the beginning of the year, and the containment that began in the middle of March 2020, the measures follow one another. Measures that meet certain criteria for well-defined companies. A quantity of information that is not obvious to understand, to prepare the associated files. Many local players, such as the Regional Chambers of Commerce or the Chambers of Crafts, provide companies with a listening service. In this way, they can ask their questions and get information about the aid to which they are eligible. However, it is likely that the listening numbers have been widely requested by all companies in the sector. As a result, it is more difficult to really have time to learn about your particular situation.

It is in this context that the insurer takes its full role. In this unprecedented situation, the entrepreneur can be advised, and guided. Thanks to the government’s eligibility simulator for business support measures, there are no longer any isolated cases. Accessible at all times, free of charge, easy to use and updated as it evolves, it is essential for businesses. It applies to craftsmen, traders, professionals, TPE and SME managers. Thus, all companies that have encountered obstacles to their activity can be accompanied to obtain assistance. More than aid, it is a real solidarity that is put in place to support businesses all over France. No sector of activity is spared, to show collective solidarity, and to allow the whole country to regain momentum after the three months without activity.

Solidarity during confinement, a hand extended to businesses

Businesses have been able to learn about strong solidarity initiativesthroughout the containment period. In New Aquitaine, hospital staff received dishes cooked by the chefs of Bordeaux restaurants. At the same time, sectors such as agriculture have benefited from the support of locals, who come to buy their fresh produce directly from production. Thus, no loss, and guaranteed revenues for a sector weakened by the current period. Finally, during the confinement, the companies still in operation were able to count on the support of the platform of contact, with all the players mobilized. This platform allowed them to order protective equipment (masks, hydroalcoholic gels, gloves, etc.) that were no longer available on the market. This is with local production companies that are mobilizing their teams to meet these essential needs.

In order to help and support companies that question the aid and solutions that arise, national and local actors propose exceptional initiatives. A welcome solution after several months of fragility for companies in many sectors in Bordeaux and the rest of the country.


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