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[mis à jour le 7 novembre 2020] The Chinese wine market is booming. Although local products are now recognised, especially from the Tonghua or Ningxia region, the Chinese consumer still tastes as many Bordeaux wines as ever.

Bordeaux wine for export

For the past five years, the export volume of Bordeaux wines has been breaking new records each year towards China (1). With 553,000 hectolitres for 322 million euros in 2016. China is now “the number one export destination for Bordeaux wines”.

The Chinese market is the fifth largest wine consumer in the world, despite a decline in imports in 2019 and 2020, mainly due to the pandemic. A drop that should go up to 50%… (2)

Experts, however, expect Chinese consumption to be higher than France within 7 years. (3)

Chinese billionaires conquer Bordeaux wine

In 2016, Chinese billionaire Xijian ZHOU arrived in Bordeaux, accompanied by 80 employees. The man has an estimated personal fortune of 5 billion euros. He is the head of Dahoe Group, which employs 10,000 people in the fields of aviation, health and sports, and visited the Courteillac winery in Ruch, entre-Deux Mers, which he had afor the sum of 3 million euros. The 27-hectare estate produces about 150,000 bottles a year and is certified AOC Bordeaux Superior.

After a visit to Bordeaux, a tasting of the best grape varieties in the City of Wine, and a visit to his courteillac estate, which he intends to renovate, Xijian Zhou has shown his growing interest in the Bordeaux vineyard. He recently set up the dahoe Wines and Spirits subsidiary, aiming to launch a series of investments in France, for the export of wines to China. Hasinsi, udo new label on the bottles of the Domaine de Courteillac, for the market chinois: “Bossugan Cross.” These bottles, from the 2014 and 2016 vintages, will be exported to China from 2017. The price: 30 euros a bottle,for a quarter of the annual production.

Xijian Zhou and his collaborators want to acquire new wineries in the region. Indeed, beyond wine, the ambition is also to wine tourism, while strengthening wine exports to China. A country that is fond of this world-renowned elixir.

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