Digitalize team buildings, to create and maintain the link “at work”

Team building and other events that create a link between a company’s employees already seem a long way off. With COVID-19 and containment, many companies have chosen to implement telework in a sustainable way within their teams. A decision for the benefit of employees, but which seems to erase the social ties created at meetings or corporate events. However, thanks to digital tools and solutions, it seems possible to continue to maintain these exchanges, and to give more space to human relations. To do this, companies like Prizoners offer solutions that adapt to new constraints… Solutions in the age of time.

Creating and consolidating the links of work digitally

Thanks to Digital, the impossible becomes possible. For many occupations, it has maintained an activity during confinement, and connects remote people. Within a working group, digital allows us to consolidate and create the links between each… through the game in particular. Thus, team building activities, usually in closed places, evolve, thanks to actors like Prizoners. The company, based in several cities in the country including Bordeaux, offers digital variations of team building activities, like the Escape Games. This cooperative “game” normally isolates a group within an enclosed space. For a limited time, players help each other solve puzzles and get out of the place. This is currently impossible, given the sanitary measures.

In this way, escape games are digitalized, and propose the resolution of investigations always in collaboration. The difference with traditional activities is that online, 300 participants can play simultaneously. This solution is well-matched for large companies, or for large teams. But not all escape games and team building activities are available digitally. Indeed, there are also activities at the scale of a city, to discover its heritage and secrets. Nomad escape games are also good alternatives, especially for smaller teams. This in order to rediscover the sensations of the escape game in more open places, so as not to meet anyone. There is no doubt that this market tends to develop in this way, driven by the sanitary constraints temporarily preventing gatherings. An opportunity to seize, which finds thanks to the eyes of employees within companies.

Digital video conferencing meeting
Video conferencing is now the way to keep the social link at bay.

Will Team Building be enough to maintain the link?

However, not all companies necessarily resort to team building activities. They create and maintain the social bond through other means, always using digital as a medium. Containment and telework severely limit social interactions, and to combat isolation, companies set up moments of exchange. Containment has seen the emergence of discussion and video conferencing tools such as Google Meets, Zoom or Discord, Slack… They offer teams the opportunity to chat together easily, and to several. This allows both to organize working meetings, but also to be able to exchange in a lighter way. Many managers maintain the bond by paying close attention to their employees, and place their well-being at the centre of labour relations. The social bond is therefore encouraged, even though employees do not see each other.

Thanks to digital technology, containment has strengthened the links between employees within the same company. This trend allows employees to maintain their motivation during this unprecedented period. A period of novelty, with the introduction of telework, a new method of operation. The team building brings together and detaches itself from the pure professional framework, but is not only enough to strengthen the working links between the employees. Indeed, it is a support, but the accompaniment and exchanges during the day allow to keep this closeness. Human relations and social ties are therefore placed at the heart of industrial relations… A balance that seems to prove itself, especially since telework is still ongoing, almost 8 months after the start of containment.


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