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The situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic affects the entire world and is crippling the economy. In particular, it results in the containment in which the country is currently located, for a period of four weeks. Between telework, pace of life and disrupted work, the situation is unprecedented. To do this, everyone adapts and finds his rhythm, to function as normally as possible during this period. Everyone must follow rules, both able-bodied and disabled, young populations and the elderly.

Paving the way for innovations to break the handicap

In France, 12 million people have a disability. Whether it is motor, mental, psychic or sensory, it must not leave those who are affected aside. This is especially true during confinement, when you go home. In order to allow people with visual impairments to take care of themselves during confinement, Rocambole has developed a unique concept.

Considered the Netflix of literature, the french start-up offers many stories and series to read directly on the platform. And it wants to reach as many people as possible, including the visually impaired for whom reading is also a pleasant leisure during confinement and on a daily basis. To do this, Rocambole has adapted its mobile application by offering several customization options that make it easier to access. Opportunity to enlarge the writing, to change the colors to better perceive the contents, adapt the writing font … These are all possibilities that allow a visually impaired reader to be able to access literature. Finally, if reading is not possible, the app offers an oral reading of the content.

Thus, companies want to offer inclusive solutions to enable all French people to have access to all leisure activities and services. At the same time, the work is also organized. Workers who can continue their telework activities are encouraged to stay at home, valid as well as in a situation of disability. Beyond the containment and pandemic of COVID-19, the work of innovation on aid for people with disabilities would, in the long run, give more autonomy… Autonomy for people with disabilities, but also for the elderly.

Braille reading visual handicap
The inclusion of all forms of disability requires the adaptation of the media.

Technical aids, helpers, these life-changing innovations

At the time of the first containment in March 2020, the health measures imposed by the Government were stricter than those of today. Today, the ESMS (Institutions and Medical-Social Services) allow visits, and caregivers can accompany dependents on their daily lives. With the development of innovations to improve aid for accessibility and the gain of autonomy… The CNSA (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy) intends to offer innovative and easy-to-access technical aids. To best meet the needs, the teams developing these aids first take stock of the difficulties most often encountered by applicants. This allows us to start from a problem that can be solved quickly.

In addition, the CNSA mentions in its report many points that perfectly demonstrate the stakes of these aids. Indeed, in addition to responding to a need strongly expressed in France… The development of innovations also allows strong values to be conveyed. For example, the aim of carrying out technical aids on French territory is to promote the quality of the equipment and the tricolour service. A quality and sustainable French sector, which can be found throughout the country.

Finally, aid is also done on two other scales. The care of patients with disabilities, during COVID-19, and the essential role of caregivers. Indeed, the teams within the hospitals are trained to ensure the effective management of all patients… And that’s regardless of their disability. To accompany them, a caregiver is allowed by his side, in strict compliance with the sanitary measures.

In order to encourage innovation for people with disabilities, the CNSA also wants to develop a “Handy Valley”. A space of innovation where research never stops moving forward…


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