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Leroy Merlin, the DIY of everyday life

DIY in the spotlight with Leroy Merlin. The brand is known as the number one in the European home improvement market. Since 1923, the brand has been offering solutions to build a habitat in the image of everyone. Never losing sight of the social dimension, the group adapts to propose solutions in the age of time. Today, especially following the impact of COVID-19, new DIY-oriented consumer trends are emerging.

Responding to new consumer demand

The year 2020 was marked by the health crisis of COVID-19. This unprecedented crisis has greatly influenced the way in which consumption is consumed. Indeed, containment has involved a generalization of telework. It has been difficult to get to the stores to make purchases. Thus, we note that the health crisis has instilled new trends and habits among consumers. They have mainly reviewed their priorities. In particular, they sought to make sense of their actions during this period of uncertainty. However, these changes in consumption patterns are also linked to a collective awareness. According to the C-ways study for consumers, the world as we know it may be reaching its limits. With Leroy Merlin, trends like DIY seem to meet a new need.

So before the crisis, there was already an awareness about the limits of society. COVID-19 simply confirmed the trend. Consumers today want to consume differently. Thus, according to searches recorded on search engines, social networks, reference websites, intentions, opinions, desires, desires and expected changes, several trends stand out. Happiness and well-being, the notion of trust, nature, the relationship to time and the thirst for learning (1) are highlighted. In addition, according to a study by the Observatory for Society and Consumer Affairs (Obsoco), the French spent more time making or repairing during confinement. Google search trends also support this point. Indeed, during this period the search for “do it yourself” has multiplied. Aware of these economic and social changes, some brands are positioning themselves on the trend. Indeed, Leroy Merlin proposes in a DIY magazine, “Make it”, which invites its readers to make decorations or fittings for the house themselves.

DIY, a new way of consuming in response to economic and social changes

DIY and Leroy Merlin, enhance its habitat by consuming better

Leroy Merlin is one of the market leaders in home improvement. The ADEO brand’s mission is to support consumers with a project for the home or garden on a daily basis, offering hundreds of reference brands. Since 1923, the brand has been able to win the hearts of its customers. Indeed the brand is the one that has the best brand image in the eyes of consumers ahead of Fnac, Amazon, Ikea or Darty. If the brand has such an important place in the minds of consumers, it is because it has been able to place it at the heart of its concerns. In particular, it showed this during the COVID-19 crisis by putting solutions to continue to ensure a privileged customer relationship. Today, with DIY, Leroy Merlin is still showing his commitment to accompanying the desires and everyday life of consumers with the magazine “Make it”.

Thus, Leroy Merlin offers a magazine entirely intended for the DIY trend. It seems to want to keep up with changes and meet the needs of consumers. With “Make it,” readers can access many tutorials to improve their habitat. A vector of inspiration and creativity, the possibilities are numerous for novices in DIY as well as for the experienced. Indeed, the tutorials propose to carry out projects ranging from simple decoration, to furniture (2). Beyond that, the brand also offers in-store courses, which can be booked online (3). In the Bordeaux region it is possible to perfect diy by following a workshop in stores.

Thus, the Leroy Merlin brand seems to understand the new needs of consumers. Indeed, the indicators show that the latter are looking for renewal. Today’s society seems to have reached its limits and they want to shake up consumer codes. With DIY, Leroy Merlin accompanies the movement developing a less consumerist axis but with more meaning. A way to win even more of the hearts of consumers by inviting themselves into the realization of everyone’s daily life.


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