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Getting delivered food at home, getting packages of all kinds delivered… How about his laundry, freshly cleaned and ironed, ready to store in his closet?

Pressing Privé is a young Bordeaux start-up started by Nicolas MASTEAU and Jean-Baptiste MANET, two friends who wanted to change people’s lives by facilitating it. Many households are concerned about cleaning their clothes, some with special washing constraints, and sometimes use dry cleaners, where they drop off their clothes. The dry cleaners are a working market, but in recent years, the number of customers has been weakening: in question, less time to go and wear and pick up clothes, between work and family chores.

Private pressing aims to make life easier for these time-deprived households by providing a quick and economical home service: within 48 hours, the laundry is picked up at home, washed and ironed with respect for the materials, and delivered to your home, ready to store, or to carry. All ordering procedures are done online, saving time and meeting demand as quickly as possible. But a new qualifier is added to talk about this start-up … Ecological. Indeed, the company wants to stand out more by ensuring its deliveries… electric scooter. Saving time to avoid city traffic, parking facilities, more economical and environmentally friendly because it is non-polluting, the use of this bike is part of the intrinsic desire of the company created a year ago to respect more the ecological issues that the city wants to put in place.

Electric bikes are increasingly present in cycling stores, but are often quite expensive, especially for a recently launched start-up that needs to make money. That’s why she decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign and donations in exchange for vouchers for preferential rates, in order to be able to finance these “green” bikes.


The concept is unique and the company’s customers are seduced. The quality of the services is at the rendezvous, with surprising speed and assured service. In the coming years, Pressing Privé wants to extend its concept to other French cities to facilitate the lives of thousands of people, with the same rigor and the same desire to respect the environment…


Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business

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