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Business creation is on the ups and down. According to an INSEE report carried out in January 2020, 815,000 entities were created in France in 2019, allowing an 18% increase in activity compared to 2018. While 30% of the population residing in France has taken an entrepreneurial approach in 2018 according to Agence France Entrepreneur, the issue of growth makes sense for companies. Precaution, responsiveness and coordination can then be seen as the watchwords of stable and effective growth in the long term.

A successful strategy to pass the 3-year milestone

However, starting a business does not always mean stability and economic growth for entrepreneurs. This is why they have to pay attention to their decision-making, because the risk is high and many companies are now struggling to reach the 3-year mark. If there is a pioneering step in the creation of a business, it is about reflection. From its inception, the company must lay a solid financial foundation for starting its business. The higher the capital of a company, the more it obtains a relationship of trust with its partners: banks, future consumers and other providers are thus all the more attracted to the organization. Cash monitoring is essential if you want to avoid the mistakes of the first few years.

At the same time, it is necessary to take notice of its market in order to prepare an appropriate commercial and marketing strategy. The management of time, administration but also of men is to be taken into account in order to generate a maximum of skills and therefore a better qualification of the staff but also of the products or services offered. Finally, when all these aspects are mastered, the entrepreneur can consider introducing the digital transformation lever into his organization. According to the results of THE 3rd GROWTH and Digital barometer of ACSEL in 2019, companies that embark on digital transformation are 2.2 times more likely to grow than others, a factor whose intervention is therefore wise.

The New Aquitaine Development and Innovation Agency offers support in technological choices to companiesthat wish to do so. By directing them to financial processes tailored to their needs, the organization also enables the acquisition of the Regional Council’s digital transformation cheque for SMEs and PMIs, whose technological stake is seen as an effective strategy.

Finally, the main lever of competitiveness can be through mutual aid, especially financial assistance. Initiative France, the first associative network of financing and support for entrepreneurs, offers support to entrepreneurs by helping them to carry out their project. In a committed and humane way, the network even offers personalized support up to the repayment of the loan made. This initiative is positive, with 92% of companies supported by the network still exist 3 years later, according to a SINE survey conducted in 2018. Initiative France also offers sub-networks available at the departmental level, which we can illustrate with the case of Initiative Gironde, with a catalogue of 2000 companies as the negotiator, buyer and seller of luxury watches Prestige of the time, based in Bordeaux since.

As a young company, we should not hesitate to project ourselves into the integration of corporate clubs or other structures allowing the support of projects when setting up a business, or even participate in business plan competitions like the Start-up Contest in order to gain visibility. Business incubators are aimed at organizations that are not yet rooted in the economy, and start-ups that are being launched.

Know how to surround yourself for a successful start-up

The first business accelerator network for French start-ups, the village by CA, supported by the regional credit unions of Crédit Agricole, offers 360-degree support for young entrepreneurs in order to enable them to grow in size, on a local, national or even international scale. Finally, the New Aquitaine region has again put in place a system of this type in order to make its territory more competitive. The “SME-ETI New Aquitaine Accelerator” carried out in partnership with Bpifrance and ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine aims to accelerate the development and growth of companies, while encouraging them to move towards the status of tomorrow’s leader.

Personalised advice, training activities in partnership with the Bordeaux school Kedge and development projects are then on the agenda for companies in development in the region such as ActivInside, based in Bordeaux and created in 2009, specialist in botanical extracts, now present internationally with exports made in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Entrepreneurship is a popular and risky activity. If business creation is on the rise, it also increases competition in the market. In order to achieve visibility and above all the desired growth, it is therefore important to apply a thoughtful strategy, focused on a resilient financial base, an innovative but carefully managed project, and finally to surround yourself with dynamic and appropriate actors that will allow us to move forward in an optimistic and above all influential vision.


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