EasyPark, a professional-friendly parking solution

EasyPark is an app that allows you to pay for parking. The mobile app is available in more than thirty cities in France and 2000 cities in 20 countries. It is notably present in Bordeaux and allows to pay for its parking with a click on its mobile phone. Originally designed for individuals,EasyPark’s offer also focuses on professionals. Companies that use the daily parking offer, and need flexibility and easy service. It is a solution designed for companies and their employees on a daily basis. All this, according to the needs of each to meet all requests.

The search for a parking lot, a daily puzzle finally solved for the pros

Easy Park estimates that a company with 50 employees loses an average of 98 days looking for a parking space while on business trips. To save them a lot of time, Easy Park has implemented two offers: EasyPark Pro and EasyPark Premium. These offers allow employees to be able to park anywhere in the city, and no longer be dependent on time-stamps or parking lots that are too far away.

They bring significant benefits not only to managers, but also to employees. When travelling for business appointments, they no longer need to monitor the time for the end of parking. Allied serenity, parking is no longer a problem, it facilitates the daily life of the teams.

For employers, this parking solution also brings many benefits. The subscription makes it easier to manage the parking lot. Paper parking notes disappear, everything is managed on the same interface. Only one monthly invoice is issued, detailing each employee’s parking lots. No vehicle can use the subscription if it is not declared by the professional.

In order to separate professional and private life, the employer can also delineate the operation of the subscription over time. Indeed, outside of the company’s opening hours, there is no need to operate the parking lot. This avoids personal use outside the professional setting. At the end of the month, executives can have an overview of their expenses, and everything is shown on a single invoice.

The EasyPark app makes it easier for professionals and their employees to manage their parking in Bordeaux.

A flexible solution that addresses new business challenges

Professionals have an imperative in their day-to-day activity: flexibility. In some areas, where they are required to travel regularly, professionals must find a solution to their needs. This is how mobility is essential. Although in Bordeaux the public transport network is extensive, the car remains a reliable ally to meet a customer. But the issue of parking is always in mind, and the time to indicate on the timer. At the time, a poor estimate of time resulted in a ticket.

Thanks to the subscription, the professional is no longer worried. Thanks to the app, it activates the parking presence with one click, and marks the end of its departure. All with his cell phone without going on a timer. Saving time for a company, positive impact on the performance of each employee, the solution has everything to please.

The city of Bordeaux favours the use of public transport for individuals who can do without their cars for daily commutes. This has two objectives: to relieve congestion on streets and car parks, and to reduce the environmental impact. For occupations where the vehicle is a work tool in its own right (commercial, medical professions, etc.) this initiative offers more freedom. Parking spaces are easier to find, and travel is made easier. A combined approach that offers a real solution to companies.


EasyPark – All costs on a single invoice

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