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Updated on 27 August 2020

EMSPROTO is a company founded in 2015, headquartered in Martillac. Pierre-Yves SEMPERE and Damien MICHAUD are the two engineers behind this project. They offer their customers the assembly of custom-made electronic cards. All according to the customer’s needs. With instant encryption of the cost of cards for customers to order. With a fully automated circuit, EMSPROTO has found the balance between speed and precision.

It sees a lack of competition in the sector. This thus reveals an even greater market potential to come and look for. The rapid development of their business has led to the need to invest in more efficient machines. In order to meet all orders of prototypes. Also the use of an X-ray machine. She is able to help engineers inspect the maps produced by the machine circuit in minute detail.

Winner of the French Tech Pass

With its DNA that drives it to innovate constantly in order to optimize its activity, EMSPROTO has achieved a flawless journey.

French Tech has noticed the journey of this small company with enormous potential and growth. It fully corresponded to the selection criteria of the french Tech Pass winners. It rewards companies that have had very significant growth or have made substantial capital raisings. Existing since 2014, this distinction allows companies in the healthcare, industry or digital sectors to benefit from premium services that address the problems related to their hyper growth.

The French Tech Pass, supported by major players in the development of companies like French Tech naturally, but also of Bpifrance, DGE, Business France, Coface, Inpi, AFPC and AFIC allow to encourage and drive the influence of the winning companies around the world by relying on the thirteen metropolises labeled, of which Bordeaux is a part. For example, EMSPROTO is part of the 2018 promotion in the “Revenue Growth” category along with 100 other national winners.

Six New Aquitaine laureates

The New Aquitaine region counts on its ranks for 2018 six winning companies: EMSPROTO, Qucit, Comerso, Yooji, Do You Dream Up and L’Addition. It is one more winner compared to last year, and a great pride for the region. It is an opportunity for all companies to grow as much as their market allows them, and to be able to cross borders by attempting the international adventure, thanks to quality monitoring for each, relying on financing, international, innovation, business development and visibility. The winners of the French Tech Pass are companies of excellence, whose meteoric growth deserves to be accompanied, as they carry significant potential, and are considered the nuggets of French Tech.

For EMSPROTO, this distinction is timely, as the company plans to invest new, larger premises and recruit additional staff to keep pace with the very strong orders. A way to reward the hard work of Pierre Yves SEMPERE and Damien MICHAUD, whose ambition has no limits.


EMSPROTO press release – June 21, 2018

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