Entrepreneurship booming in Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is now very much alive for entrepreneurship. A dynamic business acclaimed by Generation Y, in search of professional development. From career management to entrepreneur, Bordeaux is a model for hopes and ambitions.

Professional careers, companies… The waltz of skills

In an era of constant change, it is increasingly complex for new generations to build careers similar to those of their predecessors. Dnow, they seem tobe the ones who will finish where they started,both professionally and Geographically. A majority of Generation Y seem to consider projects, objectives, means and self-interest in the professional but also moral sense to be essential in career choice.

The attraction of entrepreneurship to Generation Y

In this context, more and more people decide to start their own start-ups, especially young adults. A study by BNP Paribas Bank (2) thus states that it is on average at 31 years that a Person decides to start his first business. Born between 1980 and 2000, those we call Generation Y want toevenir their own bosses. It’s becoming easier and easier to start your own business, especially with the advent of digital technology. As a result, many web platforms such as Legalstart offer comprehensive support for young self-employed entrepreneurs. You will find a lot of information concerning the creation and management, legal status, trademark filing or recovery of unpaid debts. As a result, their chances of continuing in today’s competitive economy are increased. By using legaltech, entrepreneursare better able to focus on their innovative ideas. Thus, they can benefit from full support in billing, accounting, legal…

Bordeaux, an attractive city for young entrepreneurs

Bordeaux is an ideal city for young entrepreneurs. Less competitive than Paris, a new company will be able to find its place in the heart of the Bordeaux business. According to INSEE (1) , 12,634 companies were created in 2012 in Bordeaux compared to 17,100 in 2017, an increase of 35% in 5 years.

In fact, in the last year, some economic sectors have shown a marked increase, such as tourism, which in New Aquitaine has seen an increase of between 4 and 7% over the 2019 season, still contributing, if necessary, to the growth of the viti-vini sector. With Bordeaux’s close proximity to the coast, the boating sector is also experiencing good growth; the search for innovation and sustainable development is also an environmental imperative. The sector is also growing from the river, which last year was able to accommodate nearly 50 cruise ships in the Port of the Moon (3). Enough to energize entrepreneurship in ancillary services: bicycles, catering, tourist visits…

Construction, real estate, tourism, leisure…

Finally, in a context of strong real estate deployment, major construction projects are multiplying in the Bordeaux metropolis with the construction started for example of the Simone Veil Bridge, which is scheduled to open in 2024. If the major projects are already awarded by tender, it is another business opportunity for new subcontractors, or to anticipate the economic needs of future occupants of the new offices!

Ready to work without counting for a business that makes sense to them, the new generations find and will find in the heart of Bordeaux enough to feed their passion for entrepreneurship. Bordeaux has thus become the perfect city to flourish professionally.



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