Epitech x SME, winning digitalization?

Digitalizing to move forward in spite of everything, what support for SMEs? In a context of health crisis undermining the traditional models of SMEs, digitalization seems an imperfect but indispensable outcome to cross this delicate period.

The Covid-19 to the test of businesses and businesses

The Covid-19 has not been kind to companies throughout the year, collateral damage from an inevitable pandemic. First penalized by a first containment at the beginning of the year, they have to deal with a second containment until December. Non-essential businesses, forced to close shop, must therefore shut down their business for a minimum of four weeks. Despite a deconfinement of about five months, many companies have not been able to catch up caused by containment. When often the activity itself has not resumed… In fact, 32% of consumers say they are ready to reduce the frequency of their visits to the store.

Digital café manager
Digitalization in local shops allows them to maintain residual activity.

In addition, with telework strongly advocated, entire companies need to rethink and dematerialize their ways of working. As a result, some are already well advanced in terms of digital tools. Others may be in trouble because they do not know the tools and have to teach their employees how to use them. Indeed, during the confinement from March to May 2020, only 1 in 4 French people went to work, the rest being telework (2). This allowed the vast majority to become familiar with the various tools and thus to be productive at home.

A necessary digitalisation, for the sustainability of activities

To support businesses and businesses, voices are heard. This is the case of the famous school of computer expertise and innovation Epitech. To counter the threat to the activity that reconfinement induces, it mobilizes students from its thirteen campuses. They propose to help companies, especially SMEs and TPEs, to digitalize (4). Indeed, finding digital solutions adapted to its business can be complex. The Epitech school had already implemented a process such as this one in March 2020. The aim is to support private and public actors in the implementation of telework, in particular.

Digitalisation can help safeguard entrepreneurial activity. In addition, it is also part of a dynamic of the company’s development, allowing it to diversify its offer by offering its products and services online. In 2018, 56% of companies already saw digital transformation as a real opportunity (3). The health crisis will have accelerated the “passage to action”, willy-nilly…


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