Factoring, a financing tool for businesses

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In an ever-changing market, factoring is an indispensable business management tool. Where there is a lot of competition, your company must not only appeal to its customers and charge for its products and services, but also benefit from the payment of its customer invoices. A sometimes random regulation that can cause many difficulties. Your customers may not pay the bills, or are late in paying them. A delay that affects your good business management: expenses, employees… It is by taking into account the needs of cash, essential for a viable business, that business leaders opt for factoring. Factoring is a solution that allows companies to leave the management of their receivables to a collection and litigation agency.

Factoring, a financial solution for the company

Factoring,or invoice financing, is a way to help businesses recover money earned by their customers. Non-payment of invoices is indeed a real problem for companies,especially with regard to cash. Delays in payment can cause real problems for the company: wasted money and wasted time. This is a scourge for them, who must constantly remind customers to pay their bills and are with insufficient working capital to grow their business.

Factoring is an action that mobilizes invoices due and not paid by your customers. After billing a customer, the company sends the invoice to the factoring company, which gives it up to 90% of the total invoice in question. Once the customer has paid the bill to the factor, the company reimburses the factoring company for the amount paid, taking into account the expected costs (such as interest). More often than not, these financings are short and avoid overdraft or bank borrowing.

Funding put in place quickly

Whether your business is in creation, taking over or growing, there are many reasons to use a factor. Indeed, this represents certain advantages for the good management of your business. Factoring can be a real help for your structure, while you won’t have to manage your customers’ bills anymore. You will now have the opportunity to focus on your main missions. Financing is fast, and insurance protects your business from the risk of unpaid bills.

The factoring company therefore ensures that companiespay the full amount owed. It allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to fully develop and increase their growth. Indeed, a factoring contract can allow you, for example, to release the money needed to buy back part or all of a business, in order to enlarge yours. Using a factoring company will allow you to focus on other tasks, without cluttering up unpaid bills.

Factoring is an ideal solution to keep your business viable and not impact its budget. Whether you are a small business or a small business, entrust the management of your invoices to experts, who are more agile to carry out your balance sheets and able to respond to any anomaly.

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