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Updated on 11 August 2020

For TPEs and merchants, Digital still seems rather nebulous, especially in a proximity approach. It is difficult to realize the methods to be used to acquire new customers and retain them, without “revolutionizing everything” on a daily basis.

The customer relationship for local businesses comes at first sight through constant contact, smile, sense of customer satisfaction. Now customers want “more.” In order to encourage them to return to the store while allowing them to have special offers that correspond to their expectations, it is first and foremost necessary to know their customers.

Digitalize convenience stores

In this sense, the Aquitaine Central Atlantic People’s Bank offers its merchant customers the installation of software. Directly on their TPE it allows to know little by little the details of its customers and to participate in its loyalty. A tailor-made solution for these everyday entrepreneurs. Developed in partnership by Izicap, located in Paris and Nice, specializing in the design of customer loyalty solutions via their bank card.

After a first successful test in the Paris region, Fid’Pro is now accessible to merchants in New Aquitaine. The tool allows simple data to have an overview of its activity and the frequency of purchase of its customers. While gradually organizing commercial campaigns easily accessible to merchants. They often do not have the time to take into account all the digital developments related to their activity.

Fid’Pro, digital initiator

Fid’Pro is above all a “digital initiator”. It allows merchants to have real-time information on the evolution of banking transactions. It also analyzes the frequency of purchases of their customers, through simplified and playful interfaces. Each week, the merchant receives a summary of his sales made by bank card. All with a clear and accessible analysis on the volume of turnover, the average basket, or the recurrence of its customers.

It is then a matter of exploiting the collected data with just a few clicks. Inform customers about the various events of their company during the year: private sales, anniversaries, sales…

For customers, it is therefore the possibility to receive offers and information from their preferred shops by SMS. (and by email if they then complete their contact information). While enjoying the benefits of virtual loyalty cards, without unnecessarily cluttering up. Beyond that, it’s a way to get involved in their local shopping on a daily basis; giving them a little bit of meaning.

Business support

For the Aquitaine Central Atlantic People’s Bank, the message is clear: to support all companies, regardless of their size, on a daily basis in boosting their business and turnover. As Christian Chapotin, Deputy Director General of BPCA, points out:

With this solution, we become business partners of local businesses. (…) We give them new keys to success.

The People’s Bank is also encouraging to turn to real estate and rental investment. Indeed, in Bordeaux, the purchasing power of real estate is increasing, and attracts investment from Bordeaux, but also to Parisians. The proximity to the capital encourages buying real estate and then renting it out. Between June 2019 and June 2020, the area financed in Bordeaux is up by 2.8 m2, proof of a great opportunity to invest. The People’s Bank, aware of this attraction to real estate, then offers its clients a fixed-rate loan to encourage investment.

While the rates offered by banks to encourage real estate investments are of interest to clients, there are also laws that bring their benefits. The Pinel Act, passed in 2015, for example, allows for a reduction in income taxes for a rental investment. The investor must then commit to renting his bare dwelling as the main residence for at least 6 years. The benefits are scalable depending on the length of the lease, which further encourages investment. If you want to invest, you can learn more about investing in Bordeaux. In this way, you will have all the keys to succeed your real estate investment and build your wealth.

Clovis COQU – Bordeaux Business


BPACA press conference of October 5, 2017

Investing in rental real estate
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