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Food truck: fast food and mobile

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Food trucks are gaining popularity for on-the-go catering. These are trucks converted into mobile kitchens,which serve takeaways. In this period of COVID-19, traditional restaurants cannot open. Some adapt and offer takeaways, but remain within their walls. Food trucks then seem the right solution to keep its business. Stars of car parks near schools, businesses and close to events, they are widely appreciated.

The food truck business, getting started in mobile catering

Food trucks allow more freedom than traditional restaurants. They can establish themselves wherever they wish, provided they have an agreement from the city or the owner of the coveted land. These food trucks are gaining in popularity, driven by their fast and practicalappearance. The order is to take away, and there is no need for a large team to run the food truck. Becoming a food truck owner is not improvised: there are several things to consider before you start. Future mobile craftsmen can benefit from the necessary support on the UNHCR Experts website.

This allows them to establish themselves in strategic locations such as schools and businesses. Places where demand is high,to eat healthy meals and cooked on site. However, before settling on a site, the owner of the food truck must obtain the approval of the city, if the location is public… Or to the owner of the site. Mandatory applications not to be outlawed.

The food truck can decide its card freely. An advantage to offer dishes that resemble him. This also makes it possible to differentiate itself from the other “competitors” present on the site. However, before launching, the owner of the food truck must… find his food truck. For this, there are platforms where you can quickly find used truck ads. For example, the best known is My Resto Truck.

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Customers choose from several dishes, such as in restaurants.

Health standards, an imperative to practice your profession

As in all trades around food, strict sanitary standards must be respected. The hygiene training allows you to have all the certificates to open your establishment. This covers both the health management of the food truck (cleaning, disinfection), the packaging of the products, the cooking methods… The checks are all the more frequent, to avoid any contamination, and the proper compliance with health standards … Especially right now, with the pandemic. This training of about 14 hours follows the same hygiene standards as for traditional catering.

Becoming a craftsman and being your own boss by purchasing a mobile food truck seems like an attractive solution. However, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is therefore more than necessary to take stock of all the essentials to apply before opening your food truck. But we must also be seen, especially through advertising and communication. While word of mouth plays its role perfectly in this environment, social networks also help boost its visibility. To make its customers want thanks to the enticing visuals of its dishes, and of course indicate its location as well as its opening hours … The recipe for success?


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