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Galerie Saint Martin: Art and the Ocean at Cape Ferret

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Art is universal. It crosses countries and takes many forms. Painting, music or dance are art forms accessible to all. In Gironde, art plays an important role, and is celebrated in concerts, shows and exhibitions. Despite the considerable growth of online art galleries, like Kazoart, a Bordeaux-based company, there are still physical galleries. On the Arcachon Basin, in particular, Galerie Saint Martin has three art galleries, the last of which has just opened at Cape Ferret. A strong sign that proves that art still has bright days ahead of it, attracting visitors and amateurs in search of discovery.

Promoting new talent in the face of the greatest

For many, art seems to be an elitist field, reserved for connoisseurs and people with substantial financial means. Painting or sculpture are art that intrigues, but intimidates. The opening of art galleries makes art accessible to everyone, to learn how to discover and appreciate it. Galerie Saint-Martin offers a wide variety of works of art in its establishments, oriented towards contemporary art. He exhibits visual artists, sculptors and digital sculptors, designing computer tools separately. Art thus evolves, and modernizes towards more modern techniques, but nevertheless retains the traditional codes. They are both internationally recognized artists, but also young talents. The ambition of Galerie Saint Martin is to be able to contribute to the propulsion and visibility of new artists through their talent.

Art must be appreciated, taking the time to discover the different works. In a setting like that of Arcachon or Cape Ferret, on the edge of the ocean, the gallery finds its full meaning. A popular destination for tourists, especially well-off, these two cities could help to develop the reputation of the gallery, already well established. The Galerie Saint Martin does not choose its locations at random. It is also located in Megève, Courchevel and Saint-Tropez, hotspots of luxury tourism in summer and winter. They are, in short, strategic springboards for artists to make their art and sensibility known. To give them even more visibility, the various galleries organize exhibitions dedicated to a particular artist. For example, between June and July 2018, the Arcachon Gallery organized an exhibition dedicated to Patrick Rubinstein and his opt’Art works.

Giving space to art in Bordeaux and on the edge of the ocean

Bordeaux is a city driven by art and culture. The Bordeaux National Opera is a reference for art in the heart of the city. Each year, it provides about 120 programs and 230 curtain-raisers around opera, dance and symphony. 700 artists are on stage, and attract 230,000 to 240,000 spectators from Bordeaux, the Metropole and elsewhere. Seats cost an average of 30 euros, an affordable price to open the doors of art. The Opera House is also a place of artistic exhibition, as are the 22 or so galleries in the city. Like the twelve museums, which attract more and more visitors. Indeed, in 2019, bordeaux Metropole’s museums attracted 1.49 million visitors, an increase of 16.8% over the previous year.

With the beginning of the year marked by the crisis of COVID-19, and the closure of places of culture and art, the sector is starting to start to start again. But health standards to be applied, such as regulating museum attendance or filling theatres, have far-reaching consequences. To continue to attract, some museums such as the City of Wine offer a discounted price for all admissions during the summer. A way to revive artistic activity at a time when tourism is important…


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