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Sustainable Gastronomy: The Skiff Club Awarded

Sustainable gastronomy,highlighted by the famous Michelin Guide. In addition to the traditional stars awarded to the world’s most prestigious restaurants, the Red Book also awarded green stars this year. For the second year in a row, they reward establishments involved in sustainable gastronomy. At Pyla-Sur-Mer, the Skiff Club restaurant wins one for 2021. This restaurant, already twice Michelin-starred, is run by chef Stéphane CARRADE. A restaurant that mixes sharing flavors, local products… And above all the promise of an experience in a unique setting.

A menu that highlights sustainable gastronomy

The Skiff Club is a gourmet restaurant that offers a menu full of flavours. Land and sea product agreements with seasonal products. A voluntary localmap, to contribute to the consumption of products from local products. On the menu, four starters, four dishes and four desserts that evolve according to the Chef’s inspirations.

A menu that responds to the current challenges of sustainable and reasoned gastronomy. Dishes designed with seasonal products, and breeding conditions concerned with the welfare of animals… As well as a culture respectful of the land. All these criteria show the virtuous approach of the establishment towards high-end gastronomy.

In New Aquitaine, five establishments are involved in these issues, two of which are in Gironde. At a time when eating well and quality tables are highlighted, this award finds its place perfectly. This is despite the current situation which does not facilitate the activity of restaurants.

However, the Skiff Club enjoys an ideal setting,nestled in the Hotel Ha(a)ïtza in the middle of the pine trees. Stunning views of the Pilat Dune and the Arcachon Basin attract guests who enjoy a unique landscape at the same time… But also a carefully crafted menu, a reflection of the sustainable gastronomy in which Chef CARRADE is involved.

Meal room restaurant Skiff Club
The dining room offers stunning views of the Arcachon Basin – Photo Credit Ha(a)ïtza

Thus, chipirons, scallops or ordmeals are part of the menu offered to customers. In addition, Chef CARRADE also relies on the know-how of his teams, such as Pastry Chef Antony PRUNET. The latter, at the head of the Family Pastry, also located in the Hotel, makes exceptional desserts.

Sustainable gastronomy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

All restaurants are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, as they cannot open the doors of their establishment to customers. However, most of them choose to adapt, in order to offer a takeaway card, or available for delivery. A way to continue an activity in spite of everything, to ensure non-compressible costs. For example, some establishments such as Philippe ETCHEBEST’s Fourth Wall offer a top-of-the-range menu to enjoy at home.

However, the Skiff Club does not make this choice. Stéphane CARRADE and his teams do not offer any takeaways or delivery. Because one of the strengths of the establishment, in addition to its sustainable gastronomy, is also its setting. A global experience,for which no element should be subtracted. Thus, tasting dishes proposed by the Chef without the décor as a backdrop changes the experience.

Nevertheless, during this period, Chef CARRADE is working with his teams on the development of future dishes that will add to the menu. Dishes as colorful, tasty and delicate as ever… And of course this touch of sustainable and reasoned gastronomy, at the origin of obtaining the green star. A star that is part of the range of criteria that allow a consumer to know that he is entering a reasoned establishment applying the principles of sustainable gastronomy.

As with the mentions of “homemade” on restaurant maps, the green star is therefore one of the elements that reassure. As the more time passes, the more consumers are looking for quality food, with local products. Not only when they go to the restaurant, but also in their daily lives.

Food restaurant gastronomy
Chef CARRADE’s dishes are full of flavours – Credit Photo Ha (a)ïtza

Better consumption, a boost to protect the environment

For households, consuming more environmentally friendly products is a key issue. The attractiveness of consumers for organic products,or buying in short circuit or even directly to the producer is growing. Indeed, one of the effects of containment is the desire to get closer to local actors. Not only does this have positive effects on the regional economy, as in New Aquitaine where these actions have virtuous consequences… But also offers an awareness among consumers.

Through great chefs like Stéphane CARRADE, who enjoy significant visibility,this message of the future can move more quickly. A message that counts for today, as for tomorrow, where the environment and the state of the planet are central subjects. It is with this in mind that the Skiff Club, a renowned establishment, is positioned. To restore sustainable gastronomy to its full reach, and to encourage new generations to follow this example… To shape a greener, more responsible and sustainable world…


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