Gourmandise, solidarity, well-being in times of confinement

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It is possible to combine gluttony, solidarity and well-being, even in times of confinement. For more than a month now, the daily life of the French has been largely disrupted, moving from an active life to an unprecedented confinement. Health-related trades and essential businesses remained open. All carers in hospitals, EHPADs, paramedics and firefighters are on the front lines of caring for the most serious patients. A very intense activity, and a daily investment to take care of others before taking care of oneself.

Solidarity, a strong impetus to support the heroes of everyday life

While hospitals and health facilities provide healing and supervision of patients, many companies have decided to make a gesture in solidarity to support them. In Neuvic, Dordogne, a beautiful initiative was launched by Neuvic’s caviar company. Specializing in the production of caviar, she has graciously made available to staff several thousand masks. These donations that help protect people on the front lines are appreciated, even though France lacks equipment. The company, which recently opened a shop in Bordeaux, wants to help and contribute to the well-being of caregivers. The company’s staff is also involved in human support. Indeed, some members of The Caviar team of Neuvic, tested negative at Covid-19, come to help caregivers in EHPADs. Small altruistic gestures that help relieve and support.

At the same time, many companies are volunteering to help produce goods needed for front-line people. Caregivers, but also all food store employees who have continued their activity. That’s why platforms for mutual aid between companies exist. In New Aquitaine, this is the case with the linking platform. It connects companies that have needs and companies that can offer them. The platform thus helps to meet immediate needs essential for the protection of employees,and the good continuation of the activity. Indeed, a company that does not make the necessary arrangements for its teams cannot open.

Solidarity through gluttony, an initiative of Bordeaux restaurateurs

In Bordeaux, known for the quality of its gastronomy, the restaurant looks grey. Containment has serious consequences for restaurateurs facing an uncertain future. However, some establishments remain open to ensure a take-out delivery. This allows them to maintain a certain level of activity, although reduced, to meet the needs of customers. Chef Bartolo RUSSO, head of several establishments in Bordeaux, takes hospital staff to Italy. Specializing in Italian gastronomy, he makes Neapolitan dishes and drops them off in hospitals. A way to support the hard work of carers in the various hospitals in Bordeaux.

Other establishments have also prepared and delivered meals to caregivers, to thank and support them during this period. But they are also launching charitable operations for caregivers to raise funds. This is the case, for example, of the CIVB, which is organising a major operation called “The Wines of Bordeaux say thank you”. Wine is one of the pillars of the Bordeaux economy, an asset not only commercial but also tourist. A sector that, in addition to suffering from the current crisis, is also a victim of the vagaries of climate. Recent thunderstorms and hail have damaged many areas. This is a particularly painful episode for the wine-growers, who also want to thank the Bordeaux health care workers.

Solidarity through fun for confined families

While the hospitals welcome and take care of the sick, the French are confined. Families stay at home until containment is lifted. A delicate moment, and sometimes very long. It is for this reason that Covivre 19 was born. It is a non-profit community that entertains young and old during confinement. She relies on social networks, essential to communicate with her loved ones and the outside world. By offering games and activities for all, it wants to unite and restore social networks to their primary value: to bring people together. Joy, benevolence and creativity are positive feelings that drive the initiative. Far from the usual pattern of social networks, no published content is commercial or for-profit. It is a parenthesis of exchanges, to entertain.

It is aimed at children, outside of learning periods with the platforms set up by academies for teaching. For example, Covivre19 sets up colourings, games to be made as a family, but also the reading of tales live. A way to support parents, like a babysitting, to allow them to work or relax for a few minutes.

Parents, on the other hand, can follow sports, music or culinary content. Thus, they can make recipes with their children, for a moment of conviviality and family sharing. This type of format is in vogue, and allows you to take care of yourself by taking advantage of your loved ones. They can, if they wish, make a donation to the Hospitals of France.

The current situation shows more than ever that the French are in solidarity. Through initiatives and the mobilization of everyone at their own scale, the lessons learned are hopeful. The distance imposed to stem the spread of the virus will have brought individuals closer to sharing and altruism…


Neuvic Caviar – French Caviar Producer – Caviar online

Mécénat_CHU_Bordeaux (@MecenatB)

A major charity operation on the original dates of Bordeaux Fête le Vin – CIVB

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