Good France celebrates French gastronomy around the world

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French gastronomy is known all over the world, and places where French culinary art is shared have become synonymous with haute cuisine and showcase of our way of life. Through the Good France initiative, it is a question of making this advantage a spearhead for the development of the tourism industry. French tourism, despite its good economic health, is facing more and more competition.

Good France celebrates French gastronomy

On March 21, 2018, Good France’sbig annual event was held. An event initiated by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, as well as by Chef Alain Ducasse. Good France aims to spread French gastronomy around the world. So what is this event? On Wednesday, March 21, 3000 restaurants in Le Monde, including 1,300 in France, offered a typically French menu. This year, they paid tribute to the great Chef Paul Bocuse. The menu featured the New Aquitaine Region. Indeed, the Region is known for its culinary richness all over the world.

Classic or modern, there is only one kitchen… The right one. – Paul Bocuse

Since 2015 Good France has been spreading French gastronomy across five continents. In the first year, a thousand restaurants and participants signed up for the event, and today there are more than 3,000 restaurants. The government’s ambition is to reach 10,000 participants in the near future. This goal is seen with confidence, as the number of participants grows each year.

A 4th edition that celebrates New Aquitaine

Since the accession of Jean-Yves le Drian to the post of Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Good France initiative honours a French region every year. In 2018, therefore, it is the New Aquitaine Region that has been highlighted through the dishes offered by French chefs and their sense of gastronomy.

Indeed, the New Aquitaine Region hosts on its territory many gastronomic dishes that radiate internationally. Of course, we can mention Bordeaux wine, which weighs around 2 billion euros internationally, truffles, or the foie gras market, which is certainly experiencing fluctuations internationally, but which remains an emblematic dish of French cuisine. The New Aquitaine Region can also rejoice in its large Atlantic façade, still partially preserved, with high quality maritime products. Indeed, dishes based on oysters, mussels, or other seafood, garnish the gourmet tables.

Talking about cooking – French cuisine – is about joie de vivre, lightness, optimism and pleasure. Ideas that are very central to the image of Destination France. – Alain Ducasse

French gastronomy as a pillar of the tourism economy

The Good France initiative has another ambition, that of maintaining the gastronomic appeal that attracts tourists to France. The myriad French restaurants around the world are an admirable showcase for the development of the tourism sector in France. As the world’s leading destination, the country of Molière wants to build on a major asset, its gastronomy, which entered UNESCO’s intangible heritage in 2010.

Indeed, a third of foreign tourists say they are attracted to France because of its gastronomy. Last year, nearly 89 million tourists visited France. Among them, about 63 million Europeans, an increase of 5% compared to 2016, generating 8% of the national GDP. In France, domestic tourism consumption is estimated at 160 billion euros. These figures include accommodation, transport and of course catering. The latter sector employs nearly 1.3 million people.

With a prestigious global image and a network of French restaurants well established around the globe, France is a symbol of refined and friendly culinary art. So she seems to have found a new card in her soft-power strategy, serving taste.


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