Putting dispensaries back at the heart of health

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Pharmacies are one of the first intermediaries of the French to meditate and to learn about medical conditions. It is common for individuals to go to a dispensary before going to their GP or hospital to seek advice from a pharmacist. Considered one of the primary vectors of communication and health resources, dispensaries play a very important role. Providing medicines is far from the only service offered to the inhabitants of France by pharmacists. However, they are increasingly being sidelined. Indeed, the Gross Operating Excess, which is a representative indicator of a company’s net profitability: “decreased in absolute terms by – 4,300 euros” from 2017 to 2018 (1). It is therefore essential to once again position the dispensaries at the heart of the health sector.

The availability and dematerialization of dispensaries, up to the expectations of the French

The French are increasingly demanding accessibility and personalisation of services. They want to feel understood, advised and confident, regardless of the nature of the service or project. In addition, when it comes to such a serious issue as health, health care workers should be responsive and close as possible. That’s why, nowadays, people need to feel close to a pharmacy.

However, these professional health facilities are not open continuously. That’s why there are on-call pharmacies. The unexpected rhythms the lives of individuals. They are never immune to an accident, minimal or major, no matter the day or time. Generally the first reflex is to turn to the nearest on-call pharmacy. Today, there are even the nearest on-call pharmacy generators online. They are sometimes even available in application. This is particularly the case for MonPharmacien, which covers 8 departments in the Ile-de-France region.

In addition to being local applicants, the French are increasingly going on the Internet or on applications to order their medicines or beg for advice. For example, many online pharmacies offer medical equipment delivery services with or without a prescription. Although promiscuity with humans is an essential factor in the health world, it seems that the dematerialization of the sector is also highly appreciated.

Pharmacies, towards new priorities

The dispensaries are changing their services in response to health changes in particular. Some movements give rise to a position, and the dispensaries adapt accordingly. This is particularly the case in the fight against beaten men and women.

Indeed, domestic violence, whether physical or psychological, is a cause that requires the deployment of many devices. In order to curb this phenomenon and provide support and protection to victims, it is now possible to find refuge in a pharmacy.

In addition to this new mission of the most commendable, the dispensaries can now be places of vaccinations. Indeed, “vaccination is one of the missions that can be carried out by pharmacists of officiine throughout the territory since March 1, 2019” according to the National Order of Pharmacists (2). Pharmacists who are full or assistant as well as mutual pharmacists registered with the College can therefore provide their expertise in terms of vaccination.

Saving pharmacies a public health issue

The dispensaries adapt in terms of accessibility, proximity and dematerialization. They also address new priorities and set new and important missions. For all these reasons, some startups are challenging to reconcile the French with pharmacies. It is also the bet of the Bordeaux startup OuiPharma to position the dispensaries again at the heart of health.

The young company’s mission is to connect sellers and buyers. Indeed, more and more pharmacies are encountering financial difficulties. OuiPharma makes it possible to find a buyer as soon as possible by simplifying transactions on a single platform to group all the ads of pharmacies for sale.

This approach aims to further strengthen the link between the French and the health professionals of the dispensaries. In addition, with Covid-19, pharmacies have been in high demand lately. Advising, reassuring and distributing masks have become the watchwords. This is the right time to once again gain the trust of the people of France.


MonPharmacian: https://monpharmacien-idf.fr/

YesPharma: https://www.ouipharma.fr/

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