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Mutual Harmony and Wanted Bordeaux, Solidarity Has No Limits

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With Mutual Harmony and Wanted Community Bordeaux, unity is strength and solidarity is a combat. Thus, on December 9, 2020, the mutual health, Harmonie Mutuelle is engaged with the Bordeaux association Wanted Community. COVID-19 is not a hindrance to solidarity actions, quite the contrary. It confronts society with solidarity. For both actors, the challenge is to offer a more responsive and humane society. The partnership is rich in values that are just waiting to become a little more established in the norms of society. There’s a famous adage that only we go faster, together we go further. He seems to illustrate this action.

Rethinking a more supportive community with Mutual Harmony and Wanted Bordeaux

The question of solidarity is not new and is a key issue in the establishment of the societies of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Before 1789, individuals were bound by common affiliations. Then with the revolution, they became free and equal in law. Solidarity has therefore become a crucial issue. We had to find out what could be connected between emancipated individuals who do not share the same interests.

The Civil Code of 1804 thus defines the principle of solidarity as a commitment by which people oblige themselves for each other and for each other. Time has passed, mores have changed and this notion is still present. It is now carried by various government actions but also by organizations or associations. In Bordeaux, Wanted Community, is an actor who fights to instill values and solidarity actions.

Thus, the Wanted community was born in 2011 on facebook . It is driven by 3 Bordeaux, Christian, Jeremiah and Luke. Initially, the group is used to share good deals with newcomers in the Paris region. Without a plan to leave, the group wants to be a self-help network. Gradually, it grows and develops. Today, The community of solidarity support of Wanted community is considerable. It represents more than 1 million members in 86 Facebook groups. The aim is to strengthen social cohesion in order to offer everyone the opportunity to act locally to build a more inclusive and sustainable society.

In addition, thanks to digital technology, solidarity is growing. Wanted community thus creates spaces whether digital or physical, Wantedcafes. The aim is to promote citizen and solidarity initiatives. Thus, the Wanted community offers in a concrete way help on a daily basis but also support for the most needy. Indeed, thanks to solidarity partnerships with Mutual Harmony in particular, Wanted sets up meal distributions or assistance for employment or housing. Initially, an almost insignificant action became a response to one of the most important problems of our society.

Initially, a simple Self-Help Network Wanted Community became one of the actors of solidarity

A partnership that brings values

In its early days, the Wanted Community is purely digital. Gradually, physical spaces were created and made it possible to carry out actions on the ground. Thanks to the Wanted café Bordeaux, a dining area combining economic activity and social utility, Wanted can finance initiatives. In fact, 2% of the turnover will go to local solidarity initiatives. In order to strengthen its actions Wanted community Bordeaux chooses to get closer to a partner conveying the same values. As a result, the partnership with Mutual Harmony was born. Indeed, Harmonie Mutuelle wants to assert the power of the collective to fight against social and territorial divides.

At the time when the Wanted Café had to close its doors, the aim of the partnership is to double the solidarity impact of Wanted’sactions. COVID-19 further widens the gap between inequality. In this sense, it is essential that solidarity actions can continue. To do this, the Mutual Harmony is committed to financing part of the cost of the shares. Thus, until 31 December 2020, no less than 50 meals 5 days a week will be delivered to vulnerable people. Moreover, these actions could not be possible without associations such as The Free, Seeds of Solidarity Bordeaux, Imagine Demain, Les Robins de la Rue and Les Maraudeurs du Coeur, which distribute meals in the city.

Finally, if solidarity were to be illustrated, it would be a matter of making an observation of the actions of Wanted Community Bordeaux. By implementing the strength of the collective, Wanted gives heart and soul to the construction of a society where the interests of each are common. Indeed, thanks to digital and social networks, these actions are now even easier to implement. They can shine in the world to make citizens want to get involved for each other. As Coluche said, “The doors of the future are open to those who know how to push them.” Alongside Wanted,it’s time to push the doors to rethink a more supportive society.


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