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Mutual Harmony continues to grow in Bordeaux

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Harmonie Mutuelle has become the first mutual in France and is keen to support social initiatives and the economy of the south-west region. The mutual delivers its 2017 balance sheet with figures that illustrate the good health of the group. Now working in the Vyv group, Harmonie Mutuelle delivers its objectives for the years to come.

The mutual strengthens itself by evolving under a larger grouping

In just 5 years of existence, Harmonie Mutuelle has become the first mutual health in France. For this year, Harmonie Mutuelle aims at three main objectives: to strengthen its offer by offering complementary services beyond health, to continue to support the digitization of companies, and to develop telework opportunities. 58,000 companies are now members and a total of more than 4.3 million people are covered by the Albion mutual. With this scale, Harmonie Mutuelle plays to its size to be able to negotiate with any other public or private actor.

The good figures of the mutual allow it to continue its development with confidence. Thus, in September 2017, Harmonie Mutuelle announced the creation of the Vyv Group, a group of 14 existing mutuals that alone protects 10 million people. Vyv aims to establish a non-profit health and social protection centre in France, in order to carry health projects that are both global and closer to regional specificities. Vyv’s other objective is to create new support, prevention, retirement and savings schemes for members.

Mutual Harmony wants to be a committed actor, as close as possible to its members

The mutual multiplies its commitments in the south-west region, and wants to become a key player in non-profit and non-profit commitments. About 280 local associations are supported, 30 of which are in favour of disability. Last year 1800 people took part in prevention actions on different topics such as food, sports or help for the elderly.

These actions have increased the demand for social action by 25%, proof that these commitments meet the needs of sadists. Harmonie Mutuelle also offers several support programmes around health prevention, in 2017, 20 actions in companies and 34 in agencies, fairs and workshops have been carried out. About 71,000 employees have been trained in risk prevention and are aware of eating disorders or joint problems.

The digital evolution of health democratizes its access

Support for new information and communication technologies aims to adapt mutual services to the new habits and communication channels used by Mutual Harmony members.

[…] We provide our members with many web tools to simplify the management of their daily contract and improve responsiveness, or enable them to improve their health through Betterise, a personalized prevention application. We also deploy innovative services in the fields: silver economy, teleconsultations, telemedicine, autonomy of people.

Stéphane Kergourlay, Director of Southwest Region Mutual Harmony

In 2010, the number of mobile health applications was about 6000, in 2013 they were 100,000. E-health (using new technologies to support care), and m-health (use of mobile communications for health), are expanding rapidly. Mutual Harmony therefore supports these future practices that democratize access to health. That’s why the mutual created Harmonie Live to provide tele-assistance to its members, and has also formalized an innovation partnership with Orange, for the realization of an e-health platform with health solutions and supports for people with chronic diseases.


The unification of several mutuals and the policy of democratic participation within the organization, allows Mutual Harmony to respond more effectively to the needs of its members.


Yoann Saget – Bordeaux Business



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