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Student housing in New Aquitaine, a strategic partnership

Student housing is facing a major crisis in the territory of theBordeaux Academy. Indeed, the prices of excessive rents and the few offers available make it difficult for students to live in the area. That’s why the Bank of Territories, CDC Habitat and the Crous de Bordeaux have come together to combine their expertise at the service of students.

New Aquitaine is a major region forhigher education. It has more than 208,000 students enrolled in graduate studies by 2020. The region’s 6 university centres are home to a large number of students. That’s why the region is mobilizing to help and support students. This concerns both their student, professional and personal lives.

Student housing solutions, actors are mobilizing

The Bordeaux metropolis is facing a shortage of student housing. Indeed, housing offers are low or at prices too high for students. Nevertheless, access to self-contained housing is essential for the integration of their professional and identity as adults. It is in this way that three major players have come together. Thus, the Bank of Territories, CDC Habitat and the Crous de Bordeaux have decided to team up to use students’ expertise and address housing issues.

student housing crisis helps agreement

CDC Habitat is France’s largest lender, accounting for 525,000 homes. It thus responds to the needs of communities, citizens, the state and public institutions by providing suitable housing. The Bank of Territories was established in 2018 and aims to tackle territorial divides and social inequalities. Finally, the Crous de Bordeaux is the main player of the students. Its mission is to improve the working and living conditions of university students. Access to housing for these students is therefore a priority.

Thus, these actors signed an effective partnership agreement for 2 years. The aim of their collaboration is to develop a strategy to support the development of student housing in the region. To do this, the mobilization of partners will be put in place in order to promote the provision of land. This will aim to mobilize all the players but also to experiment with construction operations. Indeed, the Bordeaux metropolis has only 160,000 dwellings for about 105,000 students in need of housing. The aim is to reach an additional 6,000 homes in 10 years, according to Jean-Pierre Ferré, managing director of the Crous de Bordeaux-Aquitaine.

Young people in New Aquitaine, aid set up

The New Aquitaine region attracts many students each year. Indeed, its 6 university poles,its attractiveness and its pleasant living environment are pushing more and more students to leave their region of origin to try their luck in New Aquitaine. Several renowned schools are also present in the region, including 6 business schools, 15 engineering schools but also theNational School of Magistrates and an Institute of Political Studies. More than 208,000 students are enrolled in graduate studies in the region.

It is for this reason that the region is mobilizing to support and financially help students. This has been particularly pronounced during this period of health crisis, with some students finding themselves in a precarioussituation. This is partly due to the loss of their student jobs due to the closure of some institutions.

The issue of transport for students is also an important axis. Indeed, they can take advantage of an advantageous subscription for public transport in the metropolis of Bordeaux. In addition, the region has launched an operation to support students during the pandemic. For this, inter-regional trains and buses are free for students. This applies to students who need to go back and forth as part of their training. This only works for travel within the region until the end of the academic year.


The Bank of Territories, CDC Habitat and the Crous de Bordeaux-Aquitaine partners for a development strategy to strengthen the supply of student housing in the Aquitaine territory, press release of 24 March 2021

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