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Hydrogen of France, the pioneer of hydrogen energy enters the Paris Stock Exchange

On June 11, Hydrogène de France organized an e-press conference as part of its IPO project on Euronext in Paris. Hydrogen de France is, so to speak, the world pioneer inhydrogenelectricity. The company produces energy from hydrogen. On June 24, it confirmed its IPO. In particular, it is valued at EUR 425.7 million. The company also raised €132.2 million. Thus, Hydrogène de Paris intends to maintain its leading position in the production of electricity from hydrogen or solar and wind energy. In addition, this IPO will make it possible to promote development projects. For example, Bordeaux Hydrogène de France is developing its facilities to offer even more efficient services.

Hydrogen from France, see energy differently

Hydrogène de France was born in 2012 with the ambition to become a world leader in energy production from hydrogen or renewable resources. Indeed, society relies on hydrogen to see energy differently. It wants to produce electricity in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. In this sense, there are also renewable energies such as solar energy or energy produced by wind turbines.

However, these energies pose problems in the sense that they are intermittent. Thus, hydrogen brings good solutions in green energies. Indeed, the energy that hydrogen produces is continuous and only releases water into the atmosphere. Electricity generation has environmental issues. Today, we need to reduce CO2 emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels. Europe is therefore seizing the hydrogen turning point by investing in recovery measures. In addition, hydrogen is being used and democratized in the industrial and mobility sectors. In addition, a new market is being revealed for hydrogen: non-intermittent renewable electricity production.

In this sense, Hydrogène de France is developing large-capacity Hydrogen Power plants. The purpose of these plants is to provide continuous or on-demand electricity from renewable energy combined with fuel cells. The two hydrogen power plant models developed by Hydrogène de France are the RenewStable® model and the HyPower® model. The RenewStable® plant is a type of power plant that produces stable electricity with an intermittent renewable energy source and hydrogen. The HyPower® central model produces on-demand energy from green or decarbonized hydrogen. In addition, the IPO of Hydrogène de France will make it possible to develop these technologies in a sustainable way

Hydrogène de France takes advantage of its IPO to develop its solutions and establish its position


An IPO to finance strategic projects

The listing of Hydrogène de France on the Paris Stock Exchange last June allows it to implement its development strategy. Following this major event for the company, it announces that it will commission its first industrial fuel cell mass production facility in 2023. For the location of the plant, the company chose the Bordeaux region.

A city that shines on the territory for its dynamism and its openness to innovation. The plant will be located in particular on the industrial site of Blanquefort. The venue was abandoned by Ford after its plant closed in 2019. Thus, it will become the ideal place for the group’s first electricity manufacturing plant from green hydrogen. If the development of this plant is possible it is thanks in particular to the IPO of the company. It has been able to invest in the development of its projects internally to enhance its know-how.

Thanks to this, Hydrogène de France will be able to deepen its capabilities in the manufacture and strengthening of its technological advantage in the production of fuel cells. On the one hand, the development will be able to take place thanks to the new factory that will equip power plants, the data center, the railway or ships market. On the other hand, it will also be motivated by investments in research and development to improve the life and quality of batteries.

Therefore Hydrogen of France takes the role of accelerator of the energy transition thanks to its production of 100% renewable energy. There is still a long way to go for electricity to become entirely green, but hydrogen leaves great prospects. Moreover, these prospects are motivated by the interest of investors. Indeed, after its listing on the Paris Stock Exchange, no less than 13,000 private accounts were registered and the listing of the securities showed an increase of 4.5% before the first listing.


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