IDRAC Business School and Sup de Com, Recruitment Forum on September 21

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[vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ column_shadow=”none” tablet_text_alignment=”default” phone_text_alignment=”default” column_border_width=”none” column_border_style=”solid”][vc_column_text]By joining the collective HEP Education (Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism), the IDRAC and Sup de Com schools of the C and D group (Skills and Development) defend a vision of education that must be of quality and aimed at training accomplished, assertive and invested professionals. A differentiating posture that can be found from the outset in the selection mode of candidates, valuing excellence rather than elitism, as well as the support of companies.

In order to establish the brand’s reputation and its positioning, the schools IDRAC and Sup de Com are organising on 21 September, within the Bordeaux Campus, a Recruitment Forum of 21 September 2017. It should allow the meeting between their new recruits in search of a professionalization contract and any company with needs in areas such as commercial, marketing, communication, purchasing and logistics or wine and food marketing digital.




A geographical location at the heart of Bordeaux’s dynamics

Located in the Bassins district of Flot, rue Lucien Faure, the HEP Campus in Bordeaux brings together 5 schools: IDRAC, Sup de Com, IFAG, WIS, and EPSI, for a total of 600 students.

Ideally located, it rubs shoulders with renowned companies that have also decided to put their suitcases there (Waycom, CDiscount, OVH… to name a few).

Idrac Business School includes: 9 campuses in France and 5 internationally: Brno in the Czech Republic, Cork and Dublin in Ireland, Barcelona and Santander in Spain.

For its part, Sup de com, with 11 campuses, is the largest communication school in France, with 1,300 students and 11 partner universities abroad in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy.


Deep values for humanized success

The collective HEP is already spread out in 20 cities in France and abroad, it seeks to create an international label HEP attesting to a professional education in line with its values, advocating the human, pedagogy and employability.

In addition to humanism, entrepreneurship and professionalism, COM’s IDRAC and SUP, which have chosen to share lessons to enrich their respective trainings, also defend values of proximity, commitment and innovation.

Aware that the recruitment of an alternating student is often synonymous with risk for companies, these schools are committed to dedicating to each company an interlocutor with a good evaluation of the candidates, all known personally. They then proceed to work as a recruitment firm rather than prospecting for the school. The aim is to provoke the meeting between a company and the right candidate. So that the alternation is an investment and offers each company qualified and efficient staff.

To ensure the success of this meeting, IDRAC and Sup de Com rely on a recruitment process different from many other schools. Less interested in a school record, they seek above all to identify potential and focus on revealing the personality of the candidates, their deep motivations and their level of maturity and autonomy. Commitment, audacity, innovation and diversity are the faces of the selected students.

Throughout the course, they are on a mission to accompany their students on the path to success and professional autonomy. To assert itself as a career builder.


Rich and comprehensive training

With the desire to evolve their training at the same time as the world advances, IDRAC and Sup de Com offer courses alternating from bachelor to master with, for IDRAC, specializations such as brand strategy and innovation, digital marketing, e-commerce management, management of multi-service companies, commercial management and business engineering, marketing and wine or buying and supply chain management…

As far as Sup de Com is concerned, the Bachelors and Masters are committed to mastering communication, management and management, as well as marketing and negotiation. The bac 3 offers personalized web, creative and strategy courses when the bac 5 continues in webmarketing, design and social media. Of particular importance to teaching in English is the importance of promoting a career in international companies.

To ensure quality teaching, the campus relies on expert professional speakers. These professionals will guide students step by step towards success, in sectors as varied as energy, medical, 360 communication, industry, recruitment, GMS, logistics… b to c as in b to b.

Why recruit an IDRAC or COM SUP student?

The training provides the student with technical skills from the start and management skills from the second year. Thanks to this sequence, he is able to work from the first year alternating and manage projects, or even a team, quite quickly in the following months and years.

The training relies on the professionalization of its students (minimum 22 months of professional experience over the entire course) and recruitment is based on their appetite to “learn the company” in order to concoct a promotion of operational and autonomous professionals, able to take a step back and make decisions.

Finally, in a campus resolutely focused on entrepreneurship, equipped with a business incubator, a coworking space or learning labs, Idrac and Sup de Com train students invested in the issues of innovation and professional commitment.


So what could be better than recruiting employees who are aware of the issues facing the corporate world?


September 21, 2017 – Come meet your future talents!


IDRAC BUSINESS SCHOOL and SUP DE COM Bordeaux invite you to their recruitment forum on Thursday, September 21 from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Last line to recruit your future interns and alternates for 2017 – 2018!!

This forum is completely free, your speed recruitment is organized every 15 minutes with profiles in Commerce and Communication, from Bac2 to future Bac 5.
Some companies present: Adecco, Capi consults, Army, LEXAN, Pension Fund (…), Leroy Merlin, GMF, Bordeaux Business, Pro BTP, Siemens …


Details and pre-registrations below:


To recruit your future sales associate, sales leader, or anything related to the retail trades

Course in 2 years in alternating rhythm: 2 days school / 3 days company




To recruit your future manager, business developer, sector manager, B to B business manager, …

Course in 1 year in alternating pace: 1 week school / 1 week company




To recruit your future Marketing Manager, Buyer, Sales Manager, Manager of Strategy Organizations, …

Course in 2 years in alternating rhythm: 1 week school / 2 weeks company




To recruit your future Community Manager, communications officer, graphic designer, …

Course in 1 year in alternating rhythm: 2 days school / 3 days company




To recruit your future Communications Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Officer, Web Editor, …

Course in 2 years in alternating rhythm: 1 week school / 2 weeks company




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