Ikea welcomes start-up Trusk to its Bordeaux store

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Ikea chose the French Trusk for the opening of a corner in its store in Bordeaux. Trusk is a heavy goods delivery company. Ikea wants to allow its customers to have its most cumbersome and heavy furniture delivered in 2 hours at home. The method is simple: the customer who cannot take his furniture home by himself because of the size of the object, goes to the Trusk corner in the Ikea store. It should then be a date and an hour of delivery. Delivery can even take place 2 hours after the appointment. The price of the delivery de facto according to the amount of the purchase and not the weight of the item. Up to 250 euros of purchase it takes 39 euros of delivery, the price panels evolving up to purchases of more than 1000 for which it will cost 129.

We all lost half a day of waiting for the delivery of the garden lounge, the kitchen in kit or the famous BILLY library – Thomas Effantin, Founder of TRUSK.

With Ikea, Trusk in full expansion

Trusk’s concept is therefore simple: to offer a quick delivery as soon as possible of its most cumbersome furniture. Trusk uses proven codes, the uberization of the economy. Trusk delivery men use their vehicles to deliver you. Paris, Nantes, Lyon and now Bordeaux, the winning concept led the company to develop all over France as service was requested.

The other option for the individual is to register directly on the Trusk platform and request that a delivery driver transport your or your items to you. Trusk completely disrupts the delivery market. If you are a company, you can also use the brand, always via the online platform. The aim now for the brand is to expand internationally. At the moment, Trusk knows few competitors that could threaten its expansion, so the brand wants to take advantage of it to settle quietly in other countries because the competition in this niche is growing at high speed. Berlin should be Trusk’s next step abroad.

Delivery at the heart of today’s business

The service therefore confirms what is now commonly referred to as the “uberization of the economy.” Other delivery services,such as Jum, also rely on Uber’s model to offer their delivery services. From the point of view of Ikea, or even the Leroy Merlin brand which has also formalized its partnership with Trusk, the goal is simple, to continue the customer experience right down to their home. Thus the brand moves to the customer, through the Trusk company, to avoid an unpleasant experience that could bind to the brand: the transport of heavy objects.

The concept of Trusk or other delivery startups is very interesting. It responds to a service that very few companies offered, and has managed to find an effective business model.



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