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On June 22, the gastronomy trades were highlighted on the occasion of the inauguration of the first-ever co-working space entirely dedicated to this sector. In the heart of the Bacalan Halls, the co-working created by Biltoki, who helped to open Gourmande Halls in the region will eventually receive 23 self-employed workers. The Halles includes butchers, bakers, coffee shops, duck sellers, winemakers, butchers, but also cheese makers, fishmongers, first-timers, roasters and caterers. So many trades that make the reputation of French gastronomy. It is particularly famous in the South West of France.

Coworking, key topics

“Creator of conviviality.” Biltoki’s motto means everything, the professions of gastronomy complement each other. The opening of this first coworking space in New Aquitaine, unique in its kind, supports this desire. That of bringing people together and complementing each other. The creation of the Halles represents this dynamic, where producers offer their products. At the inauguration of the coworking, guests visited the coworking space, and participated in a roundtable discussion. “Big problems” faced by small businesses in the gastronomy trades around coworking trends.

In recent years, there has been an increase in shared workspaces in Bordeaux. Between Darwin, Meetropolitan,and today the Coworking of the Halles, in a rapidly changing market. The roundtable allows participants to plan for five years to prepare for market changes.

Finally, the inauguration day also allows you to discover and taste the products of the producers present in the Halles.

Bordeaux, the springboard for gastronomy

Gastronomy is the reputation of France. In Bordeaux, many restaurants are opening their doors, making the Belle Endormie the city full of new concepts, restaurants of Michelin-starred chefs, like Philippe Etchebest’s Table d’Hôtes, the gastronomy restaurant Le Bordeaux, Gordon Ramsay or the opening of the One hundred33 Bordeaux, run by chef Fabien BEAUFOUR near the Chartrons and the Public Garden.

The controversy of the “frozen product” warmed up before being served in a restaurant has long been talked about and still speaks, as is the purchase of products prepared by households, instead of buying fresh produce, from producer. This is all Biltoki wants to counter, in order to rediscover the taste of food. Thus, coworking allows the self-employed of the gastronomy trades to develop in an ideal environment. Thus, all means to stand out are accessible, with the experience of professionals and support through conferences centered around business management. At present, of the 23 available workstations, four companies have invested the 300m2 of offices: P’tite Boulangerie, Bonbon Bordeaux, Oenotech Bordeaux and Latitude20.

Coworking food and gastronomy achieved

Gastronomy has long held a prominent place in Bordeaux culture. A place that makes it a popular and popular destination, tourists but also locals. People looking for quality, and know-how. It goes hand in hand with wine culture, represented by Bordeaux wines, also world-renowned. With coronavirus, the focus is on small producers, businesses and restaurateurs. These are trades that suffer particularly from the economic impact of COVID-19 on their business. Coworking food is also suffering the full force of COVID-19. Indeed, after the months of containment that stopped the activity of the companies, the coworking could not continue its activity. Health standards, social distance, have been a barrier to their activity. The support of Bordeaux helps to boost attendance in restaurants, and markets. Many initiatives aim to promote short circuit achaet, and thus support small producers in the department and the region.

Enough to give a boost to French gastronomy and the know-how of artisans and producers!


Biltoki Press Invitation – June 7, 2018


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