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The Pharmaceutical Industry Continues to Innovate

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly innovating to make advances in medical devices. In France and around the world, the health issue is at the heart of all the debates. This is how events such as the Galen Prize were born. They allow to highlight opportunities of partnership between France and the United States to achieve medical innovations. This last event, carried out by Business France and the Galien Foundation, rewarded three projects. Innovative and promising projects to develop solutions for sick people.

France shines in the global pharmaceutical industry

Events such as the Galen Prize support the international development of France’s most promising startups. Thus, it allows them to connect with American companies, to create new medical innovations. In this way, they provide answers to global issues, such as digital health and medical devices.

Three projects were awarded in three different categories. The company TreeFrog has thus obtained the award “Best Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical Industry” with the QC-Stem Consortium. Wandercraft received the “Best Collaboration in healthCare” award, along with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (SRAL) and Caltech Amberlabs. Finally, the award “Best Collaboration dedicated to disadvantaged populations or developing countries” goes to E-Scopics. In partnership with North Carolina State University, this Aix-en-Provence company is rewarded for its work.


Health chemist innovation
The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing strong development.

The pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing strong development in recent years. France is a country with a high quality of scientific research, with an excellent health system. It benefits from numerous public financing schemes, and shines thanks to the dynamism of its regions, as in New Aquitaine.

Biotechnology is also experiencing a strong creative dynamism, with around 60 new companies in the country each year. At the same time, medtech and diagnostic companies account for 26% of this sector. All these innovations have one goal: to improve the daily lives of patients, but also of their loved ones. In New Aquitaine, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing significant growth, with the presence of international groups… But also startups with proven potential.

Health in New Aquitaine, a centre of excellence

In addition to its nationally renowned hospitals, New Aquitaine is also supported by organizations such as GIPSO. It is a cluster of health industries in New Aquitaine. A cluster that also encompasses the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1976, GIPSO has been contributing to the dynamic network between pharmaceutical and health companies and institutional partners.

In order to continue the influence of the region and the national pharmaceutical industry, GIPSO has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Polepharma. It is the first pharmaceutical cluster in Europe, in the Central Val de Loire, Normandy and Ile de France regions.

But the GIPSO also highlights all the players that contribute to regional dynamism, and emphasizes in particular the attractiveness of neo-Aquitaine So, groups like Sanofi, UPSA, Merck Biodevelopment or Pierre Fabre are in New Aquitaine. These groups account for more than 3600 jobs, or 4.6% of the national workforce. There are also in medical devices. It is mainly SMEs and ETIs that design, manufacture and market medical devices. Among them, Acteon Group, Technoflex, or Schott… They represent 2,300 jobs in the region.

The pharmaceutical industry is developing and innovating to propose new solutions, answers to current challenges. In addition to the health crisis, the issue of disability, genetic diseases and even animal health remain important themes. Topics to which the pharmaceutical industry wants to be able to provide concrete and rapid answers.


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