Engineering goes to virtual reality at home (video)

Engineering now integrates virtual reality into a collaborative environment. In a context of containment, remote work, especially for industrial projects, seems complex to implement. Industrial tools, not suitable for working from home and teams sometimes remote … An equation that seems insoluble. And yet. The development of tools through virtual reality makes this work format adapted to the situation possible.

Technology companies serving “mobile” engineering

Introducing the SkyReal tool – SkyReal Source

The Parisian company Skyreal is working with its solution to engineering companies to facilitate day-to-day work. Given the constraints of telecommuting, it makes collaboration and drafting full-size prototypes accessible to end-size customers. Thus, thanks to virtual reality, groups of engineers can work simultaneously on industrial prototyping, and this up to 100 employees. With Real Engine technology, the prototype is primarily precise, so that no detail is left out. Their goal? Create an immersive, scaled collaboration solution while working remotely. Thanks to Skyreal software, installed on his computer, and a virtual reality headset,the work is possible under ideal conditions. The software is particularly compatible with consumer headphones, such as the HP Reverb Gen 2, to be deployed more easily.

Thus, engineering is no longer incompatible with telework. It allows this sector deeply impacted during the first containment to continue its activity and deliver its prototypes to its customers in continuous flow. At a local level, Weviz (formerly Meshroom VR) is based in Bordeaux. Since its inception, it has put virtual reality at the service of professionals, especially for prototyping. A practice that she also adapted to telework, also working with Unreal Engine. In this way, engineering teams that use their services can also work from home and operate prototypes on 1:1 scales… But also modify them in real time, compare several productions on the same workspace. A solution also adapted to allow end customers to discover with the teams the prototype and see all the details, as a physical product.

Virtual reality, a technology accessible to all

Today, technologies such as virtual reality are making a special place among professionals and the general public. Whether in gaming,which allows a totally immersive experience, or work, it reinvents our daily lives. It is affordable and allows you to have the technology right to your home. Virtual reality is also used in other industries, such as health care. In particular, it can treat psychological disorders, addictions and phobias. But it also affects the sports and real estate sectors. With successive containments, real estate professionals are reviving their business thanks to this technology. They allow guests to visit a seated accommodation from their sofa, with a 360-degree navigation. The use of virtual reality is multiple, and gradually affects all sectors of activity.

Medicine surgery brain operation VR
Virtual reality enables complex operations in medicine.

Engineering is one of these rapidly changing industries. With the gradual integration of virtual reality into collaborative work, especially remotely, employees can continue to create from home. This sector, like many others, relies on solutions that enable remote work to continue to grow. There is no doubt that technology and digital technology are part of the daily lives of professionals. To allow them to pass the top of the wave, once again…


SkyReal reinvents telecommuting in the industry: Virtual reality at home, SkyReal Press Release November 5, 2020

Website – Weviz

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