Intercontinental Hotel: Sweets and Chocolate Waiting for Christmas

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The Intercontinental Hotel is an institution in Bordeaux, conveniently located in Place de la Comedy, in the heart of the city. A renowned establishment, it offers five-star amenities, with spacious rooms. It is also the Bordeaux stronghold of the iconic British chef Gordon Ramsay, with the restaurant “Le Presseoir d’Argent”. The Intercontinental Hotel is a tourist reference, gastronomic but also an emblematic building. In the run-up to Christmas, where the city is adorned with its most beautiful colours and lights, the Intercontinental deploys its gourmet offerings. An invitation to sweetness and gluttony… without moderation.

The Christmas log, an emblem of the holiday season at the Intercontinental Hotel

At the end of the year, and especially at Christmas, families traditionally buy a Log. This gourmet dessert, iced or not, is now available in all forms and flavours. The greatest pastry chefs lend themselves to the game, and offer their version of this famous dessert. For the Pastry Chef of the Silver Press, Aleksandre OLIVER, the Bûche must be associated with family history. Indeed, he is the great-grandson of the famous chef Raymond OLIVER, who practiced in the 1950s. More than a passion, pastry is a family affair, in which Aleksandre has always been immersed. This log is a strong testimony of his family love, carried by a video of Raymond OLIVER, making a Rolled Log. This technique forms the basis of Aleksandre’s creation, which brings a modern and personal touch.

During the confinement at the beginning of the year, the 29-year-old Pastry Chef was in the Landes, surrounded by nature. A period of communion with this environment away from the hustle and bustle of Bordeaux, which he wished to highlight in its realization. A trompe l’oeil production, to bring an artistic dimension to the Bûche, composed of chocolate, caramel and peanuts from caramelized Soustons. It is a fine work of flavors and textures, to offer the customer a journey into the world of Aleksandre. An era to nature, after a long time spent confined. Customers will be able to buy it at the Intercontinental Hotel and enjoy it to order with their loved ones. The Bûche is sold for 58 euros for 6 people. A mixture of art and flavour that will decorate the table and awaken the taste buds at the end of the meal.

Gourmet creations, art and technique of the chefs of New Aquitaine

Gastronomy is a reference and a sure bet that contributes to Bordeaux’s reputation. The Intercontinental Hotel is thus driven by the talent of the Chefs, but other renowned establishments also benefit from the know-how of their teams. Another well-known brand, on the Arcachon Basin, Haaïtza is a reference of quality and gastronomic prestige. It is worn by the Skiff Club, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, as well as the Silver Press at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bordeaux. It also has a full-fledged pastry shop, masterfully managed by Anthony PRUNET. This chocolate artist created an assortment of trompe l’oeil chocolates in the shape of pine cones during the Easter holidays. This emblem of the Arcachon Basin is also a call to nature, and has been a great success.

For local gastronomy artists, the creation of exceptional dishes is a pleasure. A pleasure for which they invest themselves personally, to bring out their sensitivity. As Paul Bocuse, Legendary French Chef, said: “The two secrets of success: Quality and Creativity.” Cooking is above all an art, which allows the Chef to express himself and bring a new novelty to the gastronomic landscape. An impulse that allows Bordeaux and New Aquitaine to give a beautiful soul to the kitchen…


Press release – Intercontinental Hotel Group – September 2020

Photographs transmitted by IHG

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