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Venidom Kitchens: The Success of a Mobile Cook

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Cuisine Venidom revolutionizes the way a traditionalist sector works. The needs and desires of clients are changing, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on their habits. Measures such as containment and curfew encourage people to stay at home. The kitchen then becomes a central place of the house, which then leads to a need for evolution. It is with this in mind that the company, founded in 2011 in the Dordogne, offers equipped kitchens to its customers. Kitchens, presented in a very different environment from traditional shops…

Venidom Kitchens, a franchise that does not know the crisis

Venidom Kitchens operatesin a franchise network. To date, the company has franchises in Toulouse, Annecy, Niort, Bordeaux and Agen. However, one thing differentiates them from traditional cooks. Cuisines Venidom is the first network of mobile home cooks in France. Thus, the company offers its customers to discover its offers and its fully equipped kitchens in a shop-truck designed for the presentation aspect.

This concept has everything to please: unique, innovative, but above all in tune with the times. Because in this period marked by the pandemic of COVID-19, if there is one sector that is making progress, it is the sale of kitchens. The sanitary measures applied encourage the French to stay at home, as much time at home that gives desires for change. This includes changing the interior decoration, DIY, gardening… But also the modernization of the heart of the house, its kitchen.

Indeed, the entertainment around the kitchen is multiplying, and invites viewers to cook. A desire that is also manifested by the desire to eat better, with local products, seasonal, home-cooked. This implies the desire to have a more equipped and modern kitchen, to carry out this resolution. In France, the market for equipped kitchens is not declining, quite the contrary. It is a pandemic-winning market, with every hour in France more than 90 kitchens furnished or equipped sold.

In this context, companies like Cuisines Venidom are born, determined to make their mark… While meeting the new requirements on the part of customers, who wish to combine design and ergonomics. A kitchen that is both beautiful and functional, which can fit into any space.

Cuisines Venidom, an actor who seduces in France

Thus, the concept of mobile kitchen seller seduces candidates for the franchise. A limited risk to start a business on your own. Because yes, while the COVID-19, the curfew and the containment cause curtain drops to the chain in France … The operation of Venidom Kitchens only adapts without suffering from these restrictive sanitary measures. Indeed, the purchase of a commercial fund is not necessary, the franchise holding in a truck, a vehicle capable of moving.

Kitchen worktop
Decoration, desire for change… A new kitchen right at home.

This allows for higher profitability, as well as the ability to hit a wider target. Unlike a traditional store, Venidom Kitchen trucks travel to get to customers. A freer service that offers more opportunities. A seductive operation that appeals to customers as well as potential franchisees. Thus, the number of applications is growing, promising a good progression for the group.

Cuisines Venidom has an average turnover of around 430,000 euros. This result is more than positive, especially given the health situation. The partial start-up of some French people limits their purchasing power, but sales are still important. And for franchisees, the initial investment pays off fairly quickly. A winning operation, for those who want to get started.

In fact, a new franchisee must first pay an “entry ticket” of 20,000 euros. The overall investment to acquire a truck and its equipment is then about 85,000 euros. This allows the franchisee to move and sell as he pleases in the specific territory with the group. A limited risk, therefore, with maximum benefits.

Home-equipped kitchen
Kitchens equipped, tailor-made, for all types of interiors.

Desires that evolve with the pandemic

The French see their needs and desires evolve with the pandemic of COVID-19. The first containment of March 2020 has in particular further impelled online sales, which allows you to buy without moving… This phenomenon has not diminished since then. Containment has also been a springboard for introspection and life change. Reorientation, desire to move, change of decoration… The French want to shape their lives differently, and change their framework. Thus, companies like Venidom Kitchens meet their expectations.


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