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“Know how to do tomorrow”, the call for projects by Initiative France

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Initiative France is the first association network in France for the support and creation of companies. Indeed, it provides both financial support through honorary loans and constructive evaluation of projects. Initiative France has thus set up a call for projects for entrepreneurs with companies that integrate an ecological, social or territorially positive dimension. Thus, the call for projects “Know how to do tomorrow” is part of the creation of the label “Remarkable Initiative”. Indeed, it aims to promote and support responsible entrepreneurship of companies supported by one of the 214 associations of Initiative France.

Sustainability is a major challenge for companies. This helps to foster a greener future and thus sustain the activity in the long term. Doing things is good, undertaking ecologically is better.

Initiative France, a major player for entrepreneurs

Initiative France, an association network, brings together more than 215 associations. Its aim is to support and finance entrepreneurs, business owners or entrepreneurs. This includes granting an honorary loan, i.m. a zero-interest loan. This loan allows entrepreneurs to obtain financing in their project. Nevertheless, Initiative France is not only a financial support for entrepreneurs. The network evaluates projects and connects entrepreneurs with business leaders in order to take advantage of a local network. Initiative France has thus financed the creation or takeover of more than 18,000 companies. This represents the creation of more than 50,000 jobs or backup in 2019. This assistance to businesses represents honorary loans worth a total of 208 million euros.

The network has also launched its own “Remarkable Initiative” label to promote and promote responsible companies that are part of its network.

call for projects to undertake Initiative France
Sustainable undertaking is supported by Initiative France.

As part of this label, Initiative France is launching calls for projects to support sustainable entrepreneurship. The call for projects “Know how to do tomorrow” is a national competition by Initiative France, in the continuity of the label “Remarkable Initiative”. Indeed, entrepreneurs supported by the associations Initiatives France and integrating within its company an ecological, social or territorially positive dimension are thus eligible. The aim is also to highlight industrial or artisanal know-how. This call for projects is aimed specifically at entrepreneurs in the craft, industrial, commercial, innovation, tourism and crafts sectors. Once the files are received, 12 candidates are selected to appear before the jury. Thus, 4 Thematic Awards are awarded as well as a Public Prize.

Doing the economics of the ecological dimension in New Aquitaine

New Aquitaine is particularly rooted in a desire to make the region more sustainable. For example, Bordeaux Métropole is implementing sustainable policies to move the city towards green energy in particular. The promotion of activities aimed at making the future greener is therefore important. This includes energy renovations, waste treatment, energy control and storage… All these actions are needed to strive for a sustainable future in order to safeguard future generations and resources. As the largest agricultural region in France, it has more than 4.2 million hectares of agricultural land and 2.8 million hectares of forest. It is therefore essential to be concerned with the ecological dimension of economic activities.

In this dynamic, the Eco-entrepreneurs site in New Aquitaine allows to bring together all the eco-businesses of the region and thus highlight them. In addition, he supports companies in their approach to sustainable development. It also allows the general public to promote sustainable businesses and thus participate in the preservation of resources. The directory includes more than 700 establishments in New Aquitaine. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry support the site in order to enhance these companies. This applies to 6 categories of companies such as water, recyclable waste, energy control and renewable energy, eco-products and eco-services…


Call for projects “Know how to do tomorrow”: Launch of the Public Prize, Initiative France, press release of March 8, 2021

Eco-entrepreneurs from New Aquitaine

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