Deep-Tech in New Aquitaine, between promise and innovation

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Deep-Tech is one of those concepts that demonstrates innovation in the cutting-edge sectors. France and the New Aquitaine region are positioning themselves perfectly in this niche, which already heralds great promises. Excelling in the fields of aeronautics, automotive and defence, our region has an interesting potential. The development and transformation of companies turning to innovation is a legitimate marker.

Deep-Tech in an innovative environment

Each sector development brings new challenges to the business sectors. The latest and not least challenge is the protection of the environment. Many cities like Bordeaux are committed to adopting new solutions to preserve their environment. This energy and ecological transition is taking root in sectors such as energy, real estate and transport. For example, La Belle Endormie has chosen to build wooden buildings,which are less polluting. Their low energy consumption and speed of construction also helps to energize the city even more. Deep-tech focuses on the quality of research and development to find breakthrough solutions. It is therefore a universe whose echoes, dithyrambic, demonstrate the relevance of tomorrow’s challenges.

Deep-tech develops with the challenges and evolution of the world. Currently, health is a sector at the heart of research and the development of innovative solutions. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire planet. In Bordeaux, the University Hospital Centre exemplifies the innovative potential of its health division. Ranked 2nd French hospital behind the Pitié Salpétrière in Paris, it stands out in the quality of its research. The development of his skills, and the use of sophisticated techniques are proof of this. The talents and businesses of tomorrow are developing in structures where research is legion. Thus, deep-tech finds a prominent place in the 21st century, in an environment where societal challenges are multiplying.

Getting into deep-tech, a challenge beyond the challenge

While it is clear that innovation has tremendous opportunities to change the world, there are also limitations. Innovation is not accessible to all businesses. Indeed, to innovate, one must be able to carry out research, short-, medium and long-term experiences. This requires a significant investment of time, but also a financial investment. Research requires the use of state-of-the-art technological tools, reserved for the privileged few. It is also necessary to be able to make prototypes and to test whether the months or even years of development are conclusive. A risky bet when a company’s funds are limited, without regional or local help.

On a European scale, deep-tech is gaining momentum, driven by France’s potential. Initiatives are developing and part of a plan for the future that may well meet the challenges of a continent. France is a leader in Europe on disruptive innovation, which attracts the entire European Union. Thanks to the tricolour skills, the latter wishes to develop its pillar of innovative Europe. To meet these new needs, trade shows are being created, like the Deep Tech Tour.

This event took place in Bordeaux on January 23, 2020, aimed at changing companies and deep-tech projects. It is thanks to the support of research laboratories, PhD students and researchers that innovation is developing. This event was punctuated in particular by the testimonies of executives who took this turn and workshops to accompany future deep-tech companies. A way to reassure and support tomorrow’s projects, giving them the keys to success.

Bordeaux innovation, an accompaniment to progress

Bordeaux is one of the most dynamic cities in France in research and innovation. Driven by cutting-edge sectors and current issues, it takes care of its businesses. The Aquitaine Science Transfer structure helps propel all innovative projects. Based in Talence, it incubse projects, supporting them financially in the proper conduct of steps to develop new concepts. At the end of 2019, it decided to support three new projects, for a total investment of 588,000 euros. It now incubates seven projects, responding to various challenges: mobility, energy, environment, health. This allows these start-ups with an ambitious and value-added project to be able to develop serenely, benefiting from all the necessary help. Financial, but also human, through the experience of leaders who have already crossed the line.

Developing an innovative project is not an easy adventure. Indeed, one must be able to meet a need, a challenge for the future and be able to carry out one’s idea. A promising nation in this field, France shines in the world for its excellence in the research sector. New Aquitaine is also a reference in the innovation landscape. The medical sector is, for example, represented by the University of Bordeaux, which trains the talents of tomorrow. She recently received the Excellence Initiative Award in the fields of neuroscience, cardiology, and medical devices. A great proof of the potential that has yet to be explored and discovered in cutting-edge areas.


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