DLR holds 53rd Congress on new technologies

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The players in the handling equipment market have been suffering for some time, as a sector that is not very rewarding with little future. This idea persists as initiatives to combat prejudice become known. The DLR presents the 53rd edition of its Congress under the sign of a sector focused on its future, with big data and robotics at the rendezvous.

The Federation of Construction and Handling Materials, more than 70% of the market participants

Since 1965, the Federation of Construction and Handling Materials has represented nearly 70% of the players in the national market. The companies of distribution, rental, maintenance and service of construction and handling equipment, are required to participate in the 53rd Congress of the DLR, in order to be able to exchange on the problems they face. This year’s theme “New Data, New Deal” will address topics around new technologies and the issues they accompany. Debates such as the right of robots or the use of joysticks will punctuate the day.

However, new technologies are not the real issue that worries the sector. Indeed, the shortage of applications is the main problem weighing on construction and handling equipment companies, which have been for several years now. The source of the problem lies in education systems, which maintain the image of the processes of handling training such as the choice of the last chance, or of a training that is less rewarding, more or less linked to school failure. Teachers often do not know the specifics of this market or the opportunities available. The orientation towards the vocational path at the end of college or high school must no longer be sustained but desired, chosen by the student.

A growing sector

It turns out that the reality of the market is very different from the image we like to give it, with demanding training, scalable and stable positions, a developed sector and a strong demand for applications. Each year, about 1,500 positions are available, including 360 in New Aquitaine. The DLR is asking public employment and training services to better inform young people about the reality sectors, which have a turnover of almost 11 billion euros and employ more than 43,000 employees. A sector that does not really know the crisis, because France is one of the main markets in Europe on the use of public works equipment (17% to 20%), and is one of the leading producers. However, each year, only about 1000 students graduate in this sector, while 90% of the positions are CDIs.

The DLR, as well as its partners, have therefore decided to tackle the problem at the source. For the past ten years, the “discovery bus” has been criss-crossing the roads to show students their vision and the future of the sector. A new site has also been launched, www.3mtpm.com,aided by a presence on social networks, which presents the sector’s courses, positions and opportunities, both students and teachers.

Encouraging innovation on a day-to-day basis

It was in these issues that the 53rd DLR Congress took place. Held on 22 and 23 March 2018 at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux, 700 professionals were present. Several speakers are also expected to discuss new technologies and their impact in the sector. Participants are asked to discuss the use of big data or the robotization of certain production processes.

The novelty of the show is the creation of the “Grand Prix Material” which number 5 in all. Aimed at DLR members, participants received the “Compact Material Innovation” awards, small equipment and tooling innovation, Innovation Service, Commercial – Customer Relations and the “SAV-Maintenance” award. These awards are aimed at highlighting and encouraging innovative market players.

The Federation’s awards may help to restore colour to an area often affected by unfounded ideas. Looking to the future, handling equipment companies are showing that they are keen to respond to market developments that are favourable to them.

Yoann Saget
Bordeaux Business


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