France (and Bordeaux), a favourite destination for international tourists!

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The Planet Intelligence report published in September 2018 confirms this trend in tourism: France, and in particular New Aquitaine, once again demonstrates its attractiveness. If international tourists are usually present on, the period July-August, a small novelty appears for the month of September: the hexagonal territory has become during the beginning of 2018, the most popular European destination in terms of tourism. All the conditions are met to make France a destination of choice: the Parisian capital, the Azure beaches, the southern region or the Arcachon Basin… With a warm climate and a beautiful sun, this summer was a great opportunity for international travelers to enjoy their holidays with family or friends.

Summer holidays, a key business period

Summer is generally a good time for tourism and travel. Overall, this is a season that means the end of the cycle for everyone. During this transitional period, rest, relaxation and fun are the watchwords. After a long year, a well-deserved rest is required. Parents take their children on holiday, young people take road trips, participate in aquatic activities (water skiing, jet skiing, jet pack, skydive, scuba diving), go for sea walks or visit the national parks in a logic of ecological tourism. Restaurants, hotels, bars, and night clubs are also very busy. This is usually the type of activity that young people like to take part in this season.

Many events attract the interest of tourists and create a significant emulation in the cities. For example, the Paris Fashion Week of September 2018, held from September 25 to October 3, attracted more non-European tourists than London and Milan Fashion Weeks. Yet much appreciated and practiced in London, one might have expected a different result. As for Milan, this city is famous for its class, its showroom and its taste for fashion in general.

Despite this, it was Paris Fashion Week that attracted the most people. Considered a major lever for the appeal of international travellers, Paris Fashion Week has attracted a large number of buyers. Summer is also the season of the window-shopping. In fact, individuals and companies who share their passion for fashion, make themselves available and shop. Asians are the biggest spenders. As an indication, Hong Kong tourists remain the ones who spent the most during the Fashion Week of September 2018 in Paris (3,138 euros), ahead of the Taiwanese (2,442 euros) and the Chinese (2,038 euros). This is therefore a growth-enhancing event for the country.

A major lever for growth

On the other hand, American tourists also played an important role. Their average expenditure increased by 7.8%, zero-rated purchases increased by 57.3%, with an increase in VAT refunds of 46%. Proof that purchases with tax-free services are therefore very popular with American customers now. Very practiced by Asians, this practice is therefore also popular among American springs.

Tourism has therefore allowed France to accelerate its economic growth overall. France is a major player in Tourism in Europe and the other edifying figures prove it. Indeed, if we carefully analyze the figures of foreign visitors passed through a territory, France is the number 1 in the world with nearly 87 million international travelers. In second place, we naturally find Spain with 82 million people. The United States ranks third with more than 76 million foreign nationals entering the territory.

According to Xerfi (Institute for Private and Independent Studies, which specialises in sectoral economic analysis in France and abroad), France is the third country in terms of turnover achieved by the purchases of foreign tourists with 54 billion euros. A good economic performance that demonstrates the attraction aroused by France in the hearts of foreigners.

However, this performance is still lower than that of Spain, which has a turnover of 60 billion euros and 190 billion euros for the United States. These three countries are thus once again present on the world podium. Accustomed to shopping malls, international travellers take advantage of their holiday periods to make new purchases.

The seasonal rental market also benefits from these tourist periods. Hotels have high occupancy rates in the summer, and have very high turnovers. Tourism is therefore a reliable sector for the economy of the most attractive countries.



Planet Intelligence Report – September 2018

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