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Even during the summer, the economic ecosystem of Bordeaux does not take any breaks. At the beginning of July, five new start-ups joined the eco-creative incubator Bordeaux Chartrons. This nursery is part of french Tech Bordeaux. Created in 2013, the French Tech association is a collective mobilization movement that aims to develop and promote French and international talent. On July 1st, the new composition of the french Tech Bordeaux association’s office was voted on. In the context of the French Tech National Mission, French Tech Bordeaux has latency projects to make the metropolis “a French Tech Capital of excellence, open and attractive” in the words of its new President of French Tech Bordeaux, Cyril Lexier.

Entrepreneurs at the head of the steering committee

Part of a national initiative and notably under the leadership of Fleur Pellerin, former minister responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises, the French Tech Bordeaux network was formed thanks to institutional founders. Bordeaux Metropole, the CCI Bordeaux-Gironde and the New Aquitaine Region have thus worked on its creation. One of the specific features of this economic development network is to form a practical and eclectic steering committee since it is composed of professionals and entrepreneurs. Among the newly elected entrepreneurs are Julien Anselme, Director of Innovative Projects at Orange or Hélène Desliens, founder of Experteez, a training organization to support companies in their digital transformation. All of these members act as volunteers and share their different and sometimes antagonistic entrepreneurial visions. In 2018, French Tech Bordeaux had 134 members. Among these members, there are not only entrepreneurs but also webdesigners of investors, public operators, research institutes…

The actions of French Tech Bordeaux are part of a primarily local approach. With this in mind, French Tech Bordeaux worked in November 2018 for the dynamism of the event and business tourism sectors of Bordeaux Metropole and the New Aquitaine Region. A partnership was also signed with Air France in July 2018 to enable technology and innovative companies in Bordeaux and Neo-Aquitaine that wish to internationalize to take advantage of preferential tariffs under Air France’s BlueBiz programme. During 2018, the missions of representation of Bordeaux start-ups internationally were also highlighted. For example, French Tech Bordeaux participated in CES Las Vegas and the San Francisco Extension, both organized by the So-startup collective. French tech Bordeaux was also invited to the Startup Week Dusseldorf and a Business Mission in Montreal.

Latency projects for companies in the territory

The new steering committee takes over from the French Tech Bordeaux association, which has been growing since last spring with the “Capital French Tech” label. The action plan corresponds to three major areas of development. The first axis concerns the French Tech Pass which is a program aimed at start-ups with hypergrowth and very high potential. On a regional level, the new Aquitaine has set up the “Up Grade” support and enhancement programme, aimed at regional companies of international scope in their scale-up phase. The second axis is the recruitment of new talent for Tech companies. Indeed, the French Tech Visa was impelled by Emmanuel Macron in June 2017 to facilitate the recruitment of foreign employees. An ambitious project for New Aquitaine, which comes in only 7th position in the French regions in terms of secondments of foreign employees. Bordeaux, which is one of the 13 “French Tech” capitals, participates in the French Tech Tremplin programme to promote social diversity and diversity within the Bordeaux ecosystem.” The third axis concerns the field of Tech For good, a device to put entrepreneurship at the service of social and environmental challenges. The Bordeaux metropolis aims to encourage Bordeaux companies to embody a vector of societal innovation. Among the impactful entrepreneurial projects, New Aquitaine is particularly involved in women’s entrepreneurship. Innovation and collective intelligence are therefore at the heart of the French Tech Bordeaux project, which recently worked on the opening of a Bordeaux incubator entirely dedicated to Sport Tech.

The territory of New Aquitaine thus takes the side of companies, giving voice to entrepreneurs who move the lines of the French tech sector. After a positive result for 2018 and the renewal of the steering committee at the beginning of the summer, French Tech Bordeaux announces beautiful upcoming projects such as the French Tech 2019 Coupe de France, a pitch start-up competition organized at the West Web Festival in which French Tech Bordeaux will participate.



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