Gamification at the heart of Bordeaux studies

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Bordeaux is a city that is developing considerably on many fronts: business districts are emerging all over the city, as well as in Euratlantic,in the Flot Basins or in the Quai de Paludate, attracting at the same time large national and international companies that come to set up all or part of their headquarters. It is also the venue for new international exchanges, trade shows, conferences and technological progress. It is also one of the cities where Digital is developing best, encouraging higher education to offer training centred around new digital issues for businesses.

A Bordeaux school specializing in digital economy turns to Gamification

In the heart of Bordeaux, the Higher School of Business and Digital Economy – ESCEN, offers its students training up to the Master’s degree specialized in Digital. The advantage of this school is its international training offer, at a rate of two months a year in a reference city of Digital with a specific goal each year. During these two months, students benefit from theoretical training around subjects related to the problem of their stay and have a group project to carry out through a situation, all supervised by professionals who work and live in the region.

In their third year, students from the Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris campuses travel to Montreal, Canada, for a two-month Gamification-oriented course. Considered the video game capital of the world, Montreal is the ideal “playground” to discover the world of design.

All theoretical courses and immersion in a practical case, supervised by the former director of design ofUbisoft, is intended to be a professional and personal opportunity for students who leave: throughout the stay, speakers open the doors to companies specialized in the sector, allowing them to discover the Canadian market and meet professionals and thus expand their professional network. In addition, such a stay allows you to take part in many events and potentially discover a vocation for a future career in video games. And there are no shortage of opportunities, both in Bordeaux and in Montreal.

For Éric COMBALBERT, the Director of ESCEN, these departures abroad are the heart of ESCEN and are the most valuable of the training offered each year. The goal for these students who are preparing for their diploma is to qualify for a Web Business MBA that corresponds to the completion of an international course, including stays abroad. A notable advantage while Digital is an international market.

Bordeaux, the new French capital of Digital

The evolution of Bordeaux in recent years reveals great opportunities for the future. Indeed, since 2014, when it obtained its Label French Tech, the Belle Endormie has been popular on all sides. Its international opening makes it easier to travel abroad, such as the direct airline between Bordeaux and Montreal operated by Air Transat, or the deployment of the High Speed Line that connects Paris to Bordeaux in two hours.

The city’s climate and promising market for Digital-oriented companies are also attracting many companies who are moving from Paris to new office-based neighbourhoods, such as Ubisoft, which has installed one of these offices in offices in the new Bassins district in Flot.

Digital is a growing sector in the Metropole, representing more than 22,400 jobs with 4700 companies located, making Bordeaux the 3rd most dynamic metropolis in terms of business creation in digital according to Invest In Bordeaux. SolidAnim, the French leader in virtual production, has also chosen to move to Bordeaux, relocating its Paris headquarters to the heart of the neo-Aquitaine metropolis at the end of 2017.

But digital isn’t just about the video game industry. Indeed, e-health is a sector that is growing in Bordeaux, representing 1200 jobs, as well as e-commerce which has an important role with the presence of the headquarters of CDiscount in Bordeaux, a sector that represents 9000 jobs.

The development of virtual reality, and 3D also allow new companies to gain importance on the national and international scene from Bordeaux, and all these factors prompt certain events that were taking place in other cities to turn to Bordeaux, such as the Cartoon Movie which had been held before in Lyon since 2010. The digital and technological advances in Bordeaux make this city a real showcase for companies tempted to launch themselves in the heart of an environment conducive to development and revolutions.



Press release – Next U – 17 April 2019

Invest In Bordeaux – Moving to Bordeaux (The Digital Sector)

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