The House of New Aquitaine in the heart of Paris

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The New Aquitaine Region opens a space in Paris entirely dedicated to companies in the New Aquitaine region. An opportunity for them to put a foot in the dynamism of the capital.

The House of New Aquitaine

The New Aquitaine Region opens the Maison de la Nouvelle Aquitaine in Paris to welcome businesses from the south west to the capital. The aim is to enable companies and startups to set foot in the dynamism of the Paris market, while maintaining very regional benchmarks. The house welcomes businesses in a place located between the Louvre and the Opera House, on working days from 9am to 6pm.

The New Aquitaine Region wants to allow companies to organize trade shows, meetings or cocktails within the House, in order to spread regional talent within the capital. Close to many access to public transport, the Maison de la Nouvelle Aquitaine offers several services and rooms.

The New Aquitaine Region, economic boost

The New Aquitaine region is undertaking many initiatives to boost the regional economy. With the Maison de la Nouvelle Aquitaine, the Region brings regional players closer to the Paris market, and beyond, to a more internationalised market. A desire to particularly support companies in transition or in transition with several aid plans: thus, no less than eleven different sectors will benefit from special financing. For 2015, the region recorded a 0.7% increase in the number of jobs with 8,800 more jobs compared to 2014.

The other objective, as we have seen, is also to foster a more coherent national and international network. Cooperation agreements have been signed with European regions and other continents. These agreements include work on communication and deployment of research and development policies, an additional pillar in the development of regional enterprises.

In addition, the New Aquitaine Region supports future actors by supporting education-related policies, through training and integration activities in the professional lives of young graduates, with expenditures amounting to more than one billion euros. In 2016, for example, the Region announced that it had taken 26,777 actions in support of the training of job seekers.

The job market in New Aquitaine

The Region wishes to support the strength of its labour market. At the end of 2017, it registered 135,925 new job openings, representing just over 8% of national offers. Jobs related to the commercial sector account for most job openings with 22,000 published offers, 80% of which were sustainable job offers. However, these figures are lower than the previous year at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, it is the Gironde department that brings together most job offers with more than 15% of the offer. What also marks the specifics of the Region is the seasonality of demand related to the agricultural sector, mainly.




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