Linky Dirty Electricity, the challenge of the next generation meter

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Across France, complaints against Linky meters are multiplying to denounce the forced installation of the meter, the lack of transparency in the collection and use of data, and against the health risk that the meter generates with the electromagnetic waves it produces.

Linky’s protection of private data

The CNIL has looked into the case of data collected by the Linky meter, according to the organization, the meter can cause risks in the protection of personal data. Indeed, an in-depth analysis of the data concerning the use of electricity could allow to deduce a lot of information about the privacy of the user such as lifestyle habits or the number of people among others. The CNIL therefore sets out recommendations to be followed to respect the protection of data and the freedom of the citizen. For example, the CNIL recommends that only authorized persons should be able to access the data collected by the Linky meter,

The allocation of these clearances must be carried out by the agencies concerned and take into account the fact that the burden curve poses much more risk to privacy than consumer indexes.

The CNIL also recommends that consumers be better informed about the collection of their data, both on how and on outcomes. However, more and more people are being opposed to Linky counters. The CNIL recalls that those who object to these meters may exercise a right of opposition on legitimate grounds. But the reality is more complex. In addition to the threat to the confidentiality of private data, it is the health risk that is being pointed out.

A health risk to consider

The Linky electric meter transmits and receives information and updates carried by radiant signals. It is these signals that are thought to cause pain in electrosensitive people. The report of the Building Science and Technology Centre (CSTB) confirms that the new meters are harmful. According to the study, the waves produced are also transmitted by cables that are not armored. These can cover the entire dwelling. In addition, the electromagnetic disturbance would inver all cables, even those not directly connected to the Linky meter. So it’s a whole area that can be affected because of the spread of the waves.

Overall, across all measurement campaigns, the maximum magnetic field levels generated by Linky communications frames are much higher than ambient noise levels. The CSTB report

Linky counters on the benches of justice

Former Environment Minister Corinne Lepage is officially calling for the installation of Linky meters to be stopped as a precautionary principle. Together with several lawyers, the former environment minister is calling for a thorough study of the real health risks of a massive deployment of Linky meters throughout the country. The citizens did not wait for the former minister’s request to oppose the meter. Complaints against Enedis are growing across France. No less than 200 people took legal action against the meters in Bordeaux. Some municipalities in France are also reluctant to accept them. The installation of these meters and the supposed or proven health risks. Another complaint in Paris is the fact of more than 3000 people requesting the removal of the meter.

We are now talking about a “Linky Dirty Electricity” from the U.S. term “Dirty Electricity” which refers to the pollution of electricity grids. The next-generation meter was supposed to make it easier for consumers and suppliers to monitor consumption, but today few people see positive effects in it.

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