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New Aquitaine at CES Las Vegas

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The CES (include Consumer Electronic Show) is a global meeting place around new technologies, digital innovation, which has been around for 50 years. Like every year, it takes place in Las Vegas (NV), a city itself extraordinary because it comes out of the ground in the middle of the desert. A temple of gaming and extravagance, Las Vegas welcomes companies from around the world to showcase their innovations from January 5 to 8, 2017. A meeting where the latest smartphones, computers, the latest automobiles will be presented to the public.
New Aquitaine will be widely represented at this major event: 21 companies from the region will make the trip to “Sin City” with a goal in mind, open a gap to develop internationally while affirming their position on the French market, with also the presence of Digital Aquitaine. Last year, France caused a sensation, with 190 French companies present, including 128 startups (or 30% of the world’s startups present at CES). This year, France will be represented by 228 companies. The “Team CES New Aquitaine” supports and supports these regional companies, motivated by five objectives:

  • Encourage the diversity of companies present at CES in the colours of France and the New Aquitaine region. Indeed, the 21 companies that have been selected are of different sizes and sectors (health, robotics, environment, communication, tourism or video games and amusement parks).
  • See the benefits of the different preparations before the CES. Before going to Las Vegas, the various companies worked on their pitch, their export and international strategy to conclude agreements, as well as individual support. Xavier DALLOZ, coach of these companies and a regular at THE CES, insists that this is not “a gadget show, but a salon of uses and issues”.
  • Bringing 21 businesses to Las Vegas is a large budget, which the New Aquitaine region has half funded. This participation coincides with the desire to help and support companies in their digital development. With these aids, the development of digital businesses would create new jobs, and make digital one of the region’s centres of excellence. The CES is fully in line with this objective, and the New Aquitaine region intends to show the strength of its policy.
  • Show businesses in the region that they are supported by communities.
  • To make companies aware of the challenges that THE CES represents for their activity. In addition to its 3,800 exhibitors, 6,500 media from 150 countries around the world and the 165,000 visitors expected for this new edition, the CES is the perfect opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with world leaders in terms of innovation and technology.

The opportunity for French Tech to assert its presence and its progress in innovation…

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