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Virtual reality (VIRTUAL reality) refers to immersion in an interactive virtual space created from any place using digital technology. Enter the virtual world of video games, a myth that has become a reality using virtual reality and these headsets that are the instruments. The winning trio is the HTC VIVE, the Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR. The latter, released in 2016, enjoys the notoriety of the playstation 4 and following its success, makes Sony the leader in the virtual reality market.


Virtual reality helmet technology

VR and gaming, an open market that makes the eye of the greatest


Virtual reality games revisit the limits of gaming and player experience. These new games allow immersion and interaction in a 360-degree, 3D world that conventional video games don’t allow. Some types of games are perfectly suited for virtual reality. Fans of horror games will be widely served as these games become much scarier when you are fully immersed in them. Realism is also felt in first-person shooters (FPS), even more so when it comes to cooperating with friends.

The VR has not spared the mobile, in fact in 2016 the success of Pokémon Go de Niantic was clearly due to the VR concept, finding creatures by filming our environment although the success of the phenomenon has largely calmed down, it remains one of the most played mobile games and regular updates take place giving access to events and new pokémons. Niantic plans to soon exploit a very promising license that is none other than that of Harry Potter for a new mobile game with a game mode similar to that of Pokémon Go. Lately it is Nintendo that has started to set foot in the stirrup thanks to its Nintendo Labo and the various accessories that compose it allow access to games in virtual reality.

The kit allows you to assemble 6 sets giving access to 70 mini-VR games. Virtual reality, in addition to providing a new game mode for many video game consumers, will eventually be able to revolutionize esports. It is already possible to attend competitions via a virtual reality headset by placing yourself alongside the avatar of the professional player.

On the sportsman’s side, esports could be revolutionized, from the controller or keyboard to motion-sensing controllers. This would allow the sector to welcome new, more athletic players and attract a wider audience that may not yet include current competitions.


The limits of VR in a world in the midst of technological change


Although this technology appeals, it does have some significant limitations reflecting the fact that we are only at the beginning of the new experiences it proposes.

The first aspect is price. In fact, it will cost at least 400 euros to touch the entry-level that concerns the playstation VR compatible with the console costing the same price. And this is nothing compared to the PC experience, VR requires important graphics components to offer the best gaming experience obviously going hand in hand with price.

These awards also reflect a powerful new technology, embodied by helmets that are quite bulky and unsightly. The many threads can restrict the user’s gestures and impact their gaming experience. The weight, size and numerous connections of these devices do not promote their transport.

VR also faces a problem called motion sickness. Indeed, wearing a helmet can trigger nausea, dizziness and headaches in some users, these symptoms are mainly due to the imbalance between the virtual movements perceived by the gaze and the absence or difference of movement in the real.

VR offers great perspectives on the evolution of gaming and esports, in addition to revolutionizing the way of playing and will revolutionize the way we watch competitions. Nevertheless it is still a young field that is still in its “beginnings”, the components are large, often resulting in large and not very aesthetic helmets. Just take a look at the past, to see the evolutions, to remember the computers originally and compare them to those that exist now. Miniaturization of components by retaining or increasing power is a challenge that has already been met many times, the most concrete example is simply our smartphones. For example, these headsets could give way later to much more powerful VR glasses, which make the user experience even more immersive and concrete.


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The price barrier is also still a problem especially for pc players, cloud gaming could however be a good content alternative to access to high-performance machines provided that the internet connection follows to avoid one of the gamer’s worst enemies: latency. In addition to the purely playful aspect of this technology, it can also be of unprecedented use for certain trades for very specific skills, such as surgery, an accompaniment in movements to avoid errors. Virtual reality is therefore useful to all, in projections more or less close.

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