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Solidarity in the face of the Covid-19 crisis in New Aquitaine

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The end of 2019 was marked by the arrival of u Covid-19, in China. A virus, with flu-like symptoms, accompanied by breathing difficulties. Very quickly, the virus, also known as Coronavirus, spread around the world. From epidemic, it has been reclassified as a pandemic, and has gradually affected countries around the world. France has not been spared, and is one of the European outbreaks of spread.

A country at a standstill prone to concerns about Covid-19

Faced with the scale and speed of the virus’s spread, countries around the world have responded to limit its potency. Border closures, announcements of containment and closure of non-essential facilities until further notice… The Covid-19 crisis is having an unprecedented and unprecedented impact on the global economy. Health facilities receive infected patients, and face a very precarious situation. Indeed, fear of the unknown has caused panic throughout the country. French citizens bought plenty of food to stay in confinement at home, as well as medical supplies. Surgical masks or FFP2, hydroalcoholic gels were literally robbed in specialized facilities.

As a result, health care professionals, on the front line of infected patients, are beginning to lack protection. A dangerous situation looking at the very high degree of contagion of the virus. Pharmacies that manage to be resupplied must distribute the sale of masks because of the small amount received. Priority goes to city doctors and hospital emergency departments. However, other trades in contact with potentially contaminated people are not refuelled. Firefighters, paramedics, but also retail workers, among others, suffer from the lack of equipment.

Solutions are being put in place to help all these heroes on the front line who risk their health every day. Indeed, the New Aquitaine region and ADI New Aquitaine have set up a platform for this purpose. The neo-Aquitaine linking platform for industrial initiatives for the fight against Covid-19.

A hand outstretched to businesses in times of crisis

The linking platform meets the basic needs of healthcare or short circuit companies. It helps companies with immediate equipment needs find a partner that can supply them. More emphasis is placed on protective masks, hydroalcoholic gel, overblouses or goggles. Essential elements to protect yourself and stop the spread of the virus at all costs. Access to this platform is of course strictly provided for professionals. However, the support of individuals allows the message to be disseminated more quickly throughout the region.

By registering, requestingcompanies can have access to a catalogue of all the players present and available. Companies that carry solutions or are looking for products set up appointments and then exchange. The meetings are of course on video conferencing. Social distancing is of course to be applied in the majority of trades. Second, it is an exchange where supply and demand meet. This allows companies to be able to equip themselves and have equipment at their disposal.

The New Aquitaine region is one of the least affected regions of the country by the Covid-19. Despite this, all hospitals in and around Bordeaux are adapted and rehabilitated to receive infected patients in totally confined spaces, like the Pellegrin University Hospital. This hospital already has an infectious disease ward, with all the necessary equipment. This comes at the right time, with infected patients in the country being referred to less overcrowded hospitals.

Solidarity at all scales against the Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 hit France, tremendous gestures of support and solidarity have emerged. People donate their masks and gloves to health professionals who desperately need them. In Bordeaux, restaurateurs prepare and deliver meals to caregivers to thank them for their dedication day after day. Their travel is facilitated, free of charge, and volunteers also come to help. At the beginning of the crisis, medical students and young retirees came to help answer the phone. This allowed to filter the calls and qualify the symptoms of the patients.

For the inhabitants of the cities, the beginning of confinement was a totally new situation. That said, it was inevitable. The closure of schools and some businesses has been a blow to many people. Indeed, it is a whole way of life that changes, a work sometimes suspended, transformed into partial unemployment. Not having an end-of-containment date is also difficult. Covid-19 is contaminating an increasing number of people, of all ages, of all backgrounds. This is a situation of uncertainty, where solidarity and containment are real drivers.

Solidarity operations across France and New Aquitaine helped to combat the spread of Covid-19. However, everyone must make an effort to contain it. More than ever, staying at home and protecting our loved ones is essential. In addition to limiting the number of new patients, it also limits the number of patients in hospitals.



Neo-Aquitaine linking platform for industrial initiatives for the fight against COVID-19

Support for impacted businesses:


+33 5 57 57 55 88

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