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Self-entrepreneurship in New Aquitaine

Self-employment status is increasingly sought after by young people looking for adventure and opportunity. This status has spread considerably during the uberization of the economy and the labour market, directly linked to uber empires and the various home meal delivery companies. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, however, it remains very volatile because self-entrepreneurs do not have access to the same insurance and protections as an employee who is an employee of a sign. In New Aquitaine and Bordeaux, there are many accompaniments with the entrepreneur for this highly acclaimed status.


10 years entrepreneurship celebration


Self-entrepreneur status celebrates 10 years


Created in 2009, self-employment or self-entrepreneurship has since conquered tens of thousands of French people. In 2018, business start-up in New Aquitaine increased by 16.6% compared to 2017, and 8.1% in 2017 compared to 2016. This system has many advantages, administrative procedures are considerably simplified, payroll and tax charges account for a certain percentage of turnover. Self-employed entrepreneurs do not have to calculate VAT, it is covered by their status and a dedicated social protection is put in place. However, self-entrepreneur status can be double-edged. Since 2009, 1,200,000 self-employed enterprises have been set up in France and only 60% of them carry out real economic activity and the remaining 40% have an average turnover of only 14,000 euros. When taxes are paid, the average salary of self-employed entrepreneurs remains below the SMIC. Companies offering missions only to self-entrepreneurs can take advantage of the legislation and instability of self-entrepreneurs to increase their profits at the expense of humans. Notably, Take Eat Easy (home bike meal delivery) declared bankruptcy in July 2016 and left couriers and restaurateurs on the job. More than 450 couriers will never receive the salaries due and hundreds of cases are still awaiting trial in court.


The New Aquitaine Region supports project owners wishing to work under this status through “Entreprenndre, the Region at your side“. The aim is to strengthen the territorial economy and entrepreneurship, from the creation or resumption of self-enterprise to its development and influence. The objectives are multiple:

  • The proposal and implementation of local action plans for project owners and promoters as part of a process of creation or resumption of TPE, particularly in rural areas and priority areas of city policy;
  • The response to the different phases of the competition of a future entrepreneur by offering him the accompaniment to creation and recovery, while integrating information, guidance, diagnosis, advice, access to training and financing;
  • The guarantee of a quality service offer, homogeneous and accessible, at the departmental level, by all project owners regardless of where they live or set up the future business.


Women entrepreneurs are young and qualified


In New Aquitaine, 3 out of 10 companies (excluding self-enterprises) are created by women. They are mainly focused on the tertiary sector and are more educated and younger than men. Female entrepreneurship is struggling to develop in New Aquitaine, yet the regional population aged 15 to 65 is predominantly female. The region therefore wants gender parity in business start-ups by 2020. The State, the Region and the Caisse de dépôts, in association with BNP Paribas and the Caisse d’Epargne, propose regional actions for women’s entrepreneurship.


In 6 out of 10 cases, both for women and men, the creation of the company is related to the original trade or training. The creators are therefore very oriented towards trade, health, personal services, catering and administrative and business support services. The distribution of business creation by industry shows this trend:

  • 24% work in the trade, repairing cars and motorcycles;
  • 19% work in human health;
  • 13% work in other service activities;
  • 9% work in accommodation and catering;
  • 6% work in legal, accounting, management, architecture and engineering activities;
  • 6% work in administrative and support services;
  • 4% work in construction;
  • 19% work in other industries.


Group of women tablet computer


Staffme deploys to Bordeaux


Launched in 2016 by two lawyers, StaffMe proposes connecting independent young people between the age of 18 and 30 with businesses. The missions are ad hoc and require self- entrepreneurial status. The platform sets out to conquer New Aquitaine and has been available for several months in the territory. The application already offers many partnerships with companies (Coravin, Deliveroo, Back MArket, Sogeres and local wine companies…) in different areas of activity (in-store sales, customer service, logistics, catering, administrative assistance, etc.). StaffMe’s ambition is to radically transform the temporary labour market by enabling platform users to gain skills and employability.

Registration is free and the remuneration is guaranteed at a minimum of 12 euros per hour, or 50% more than the SMIC. Since its inception, 2,500 corporate clients have trusted StaffMe and 70,000 staffers have used the platform.


Self-entrepreneur status is consistent when you want to quickly create an economic activity and grow your business. The status is also highly popular with students who want a partial income and this “thanks” to the uberisation of the labour market. However, you must weigh the pros and cons before you start and properly identify the strengths and weaknesses of this status. New Aquitaine supports project owners throughout the life of the company, while offering numerous financial aids. Now it’s up to you to build an innovative project!


Kevin HEUGAS – BORDEAUX Business



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