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Based in Mérignac, Nemea is a Bordeaux group that is now a key part of the residential services sector. While the first tourist residences opened in 1994, the evolution of the group has, since then, always been as positive as the years go by. It is with a view to growth and dynamism, driven by ever-increasing ambitions, that the Nemea Group announced in May 2019 the intention to open more than twenty new residences across France by 2022. A bet on the future of the group, at a time when more and more companies are coming to set up their premises in Bordeaux.


Nemea, a vision for the future


Since 1994, no less than thirty-seven residences have been built by the Nemea group: from the tourist residence for holidays to the beach or the countryside, to the student residence on different campuses of France (located in Amiens, Lyon or Dijon), through hotels in the city centre combining services and business. Moreover, the Bordeaux group continues to offer ever more innovative services to its customers. Thus, with the desire to best meet the needs as well as the expectations of it, Nemea relies on the high end and the diversity of services offered within its residences: sports coaching, concierge, aesthetic care, catering. Thanks to its know-how and its broader vision on the field of service residences, the group has been able to make a name for itself in the market, since it is now in the top 5 French operators of residence services. Indeed, the years of experience of the teams allow Nenea to own a portfolio of 76 residences, or 7360 dwellings.


With this in mind, Nemea has the will to evolve throughout France thanks to the opening of these new residences. Fourteen of them will be located in New Aquitaine. In addition, the construction projects for two Apartment’Hotel in Nancy and Lyon, as well as two Apartments’Etud in Montpellier and Villeneuve d’Ascq, are already planned for this year. Nemea’s desire to evolve is also driven by the motivation to see the company’s turnover increase. Indeed, last year, Nemea had a turnover of nearly 55 million euros. From 2019, the aim is to double this figure, in order to allow the company to expand and become more established in the market.


The Bordeaux economic and professional framework is ideal to follow


While many companies find their place in the Bordeaux market, it is worth remembering that the city attracts more and more people. The business model is ideal for a professional installation. Indeed, Bordeaux evolves, builds and rebuilds itself. As new neighbourhoods take shape, such as the Flots Basin or the Paludate Basin, it is an invitation to companies that encourages them to come and take their place in the wine capital. Although Nemea has already been present in Bordeaux for almost twenty-five years, and has thus been able to witness the economic and social development of the city, her projects continue to see the light of day. Like many companies, Nemea has ambition. Its growth is increasing, as has continued that of the SGS laboratories group in 2018 with the opening of a new laboratory dedicated to On-Board Electronic Testing

, or that of Mutual Harmony, which has continued

to multiply its commitments in the region with the creation of the VYV group.



If companies and new start-ups decide to set up shop in the Bordeaux market, it is not only for the professional framework that the city offers through its structures and dynamism. Indeed, in addition to the professional opportunities that the city offers, life in Bordeaux is ideal. We will then talk about the Parisians who come to live here, thanks to the TGV line linking Bordeaux-Paris which is now two hours. In addition, new developments continue to emerge, inviting new and old Bordeaux to invest in the future of the city. The Bordeaux culture stretches just as the monuments invite passers-by to get inside. From museums to buildings like St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the economy is ideal with St. Catherine Street, where new residents find their habits.


In the heart of Bordeaux, it is good to live. Finding the opportunity to settle here and open your business in different neighbourhoods has become fashionable, at a time when Parisians are abandoning their city for wine. Thus, Nemea aims just by having the project to open its new residences within the New Aquitaine. Taking advantage of the economic framework, in a city where more and more companies are setting up shop, is therefore the key to success.


Sandy Penissard – BORDEAUX Business



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