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At a time when the restaurant market is expanding throughout France, and as more and more professionals are aiming to open their own restaurant, Bordeaux has become a prime target for restaurateurs to open their establishments. Pleasant living environment, an economically moving and changing city, Bordeaux attracts a multitude of locals, tourists and professionals every year. It’s in the city of wine ( https://www.bordeaux.business/le-vin-symbole-mondial-de-bordeaux/), renowned for its gastronomy, which Kevin Meiar decided to open with his collaborator Sébastien Fasih for his third restaurant, Le Berthus.

A restaurant that combines home cooking with unique flavours

Since March 22, 2019, Le Berthus at 15 Rue des Bahutiers joins the family of Bordeaux restaurants promoting good food: on the menu, French cuisine and homemade. Building on the success of his restaurants Les Funny and Mélodie, Chef Kevin Meiar has decided to open a third restaurant with his collaborator Sébastien Fasihpour. This new restaurant, Berthus, is taking the side of offering quality cuisine at the most affordable prices. The opportunity to work on Southwest products and have them tasted by a wide variety of customers. Duck, St Nectaire, truffle potimarron or foie gras, Le Berthus offers a gourmet menu based on renowned local products. Enough to delight the taste buds of Bordeaux or tourists who come in numbers every year. Accompanied by a wine list offering a wide choice, the Berthus puts all the chances on its side to establish itself among the many restaurants installed in the metropolis.

A love of gastronomy that benefits culinary diversity and the greatest chefs

With 1 restaurant for 285 inhabitants, offering Bordeaux the first place on the podium in all French cities, you will not fail to find cuisine to your liking while strolling through the pedestrian streets of the Bordeaux metropolis. While the French go to restaurants several times a month or almost every day, Bordeaux offers its inhabitants the opportunity to choose from a multitude of restaurants, with diverse culinary influences. Indeed, you know that Bordeaux is the city where you eat the best! What could be more obvious when the installation within the city of Michelin-starred chefs like Philippe Etchebest with the Fourth Wall, Gordon Ramsay and the Silver Press, Pierre Gagnaire with La Grande Maison and Fabien Beaufour who recently opened the Cent33?

Magnified reflection of a French table culture

It’s a fact that the French like to eat. While neighbouring countries allow less time to spend at the table, the French settle there on average nearly two hours a day. By 2018, the territory already had nearly 175,000 restaurants in total, 10% of which were in the capital alone. This figure speaks volumes, especially considering that in 2017, the French spent almost 55 billion euros on their way to the restaurant. To go out and change habits, or simply to have lunch at the lunch break before returning to the office, the restaurant has been able to attract customers thanks to its constant innovations, both in terms of services and menus offered. Always on the lookout for new products, restaurateurs are now fighting an ongoing battle to attract an ever-growing clientele, while the French are willing to pay nearly ten euros to be able to eat. Consumption habits are also changing, swapping traditional sandwiches for ready meals and salads based on fresh, healthy, seasonal and homemade products. Culturally, the French love good food and sometimes spend more time than expected looking for the restaurant that will satisfy their desires, both by the atmosphere, the prices, and by the menu proposed.

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