The charm of the YNDO Hotel settles in Cape Ferret

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TheYNDO Hotel is an institution in Bordeaux. A real place apart and an intimate cocoon, it enchants a clientele that is mostly foreign in search of a unique experience. Agnès GUIOT of DOIGNON, its owner, is also an interior decorator. Originally from the Arcachon Basin, it was only natural that she decided to leave her mark at Cape Ferret. A completely new space, inside a fishermen’s hut, typical emblem of the Arcachon Basin. A unique setting, in a place much appreciated by tourists from all over the world. A real invitation to travel, in short.

A new confidential case on the Yndo-flavoured Arcachon Basin

The Yndo Cabin wants to be the image of its location. A clever balance between relaxation, calm and unspoiled décor. The Fisherman’s Huts are typical of the Arcachon Basin, a region known for its oyster farming, among others. On the ports, they stand, colorful and charming, which immediately seduced Agnes GUIOT. This Aresian passionate about landscaping and interior decoration has therefore acquired one of her. Located in Piraillan, next to Cape Ferret, the Yndo hut is located in the heart of the Port. A peaceful break for a moment of unique rest.

His goal is to give back all its charm to his cabin, and decorate it with care. To do this, she called on local artists and craftsmen, who know the codes of the Basin. With their support, Agnès GUIOT wanted to create unique pieces, working with oak wood. This wood reigns supreme in the Cabane, as a timeless nod to the wild nature of Cape Ferret. She also chose to decorate it with designer objects, mixing materials, symbols and stories. Its credo, create a space out of time, intimate and precious for an escape to the heart of nature.

The decoration revolves around a central and fundamental element that pays tribute to the environment of the Cabane: its colors. Indeed, the environment of the Arcachon Basin and in particular Cape Ferret revolves around specific colors. The shades of blue and green balance perfectly, and remain in the tones of nature and water. The exterior decoration takes up all these codes, giving the label sea and holidays, with this spirit of tranquility perfect to the Basin. Escape guaranteed for all lovers of the wilderness and unique scenery!

Crafts in Gironde at the service of interior decoration

To decorate houses or establishments such as hotels, owners regularly use interior decorators. Thanks to the design of the spaces and the choice of elements, it is easy to give an atmosphere to a room. On Bordeaux or on the Arcachon Basin, it is a phenomenon that is regularly found. Indeed, the decoration gives a stamp to a place, and marks its visitors. In high-end establishments, such as the Yndo Hotel, the décor is unique to each room. This allows you to vary the atmospheres, and to discover, during its visits, all the richness of the establishment.

Local craftsmen are often used to create unique pieces. Elements made with local materials, to give the terroir touch to the decoration. This is why we often find decorative elements made of driftwood, present on the ocean beaches. Also very reputable and present on the region, wine. Every year, it attracts many wine-tourists who want to discover the estates and taste great wines. It is for this reason that the interior decoration around the wine is found in many establishments. The crates used to transport the bottles of wine become decorative elements or are used for other purposes. The bottles with beautiful labels also allow to create a neat and prestigious decoration, a nod to the region.

Luxury tourism in the heart of a dynamic Bordeaux

The Bordeaux metropolis is one of the favourite destinations in France for tourists. Indeed, the proximity and fame of Bordeaux wines attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Apart from that, the beauty of the city and its gradual transformation appeals. While the city is currently quiet and deserted, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is usually very much alive. Cafes and restaurants are for some reputable, like the large reputable establishments present in the city. The Grand Maison Bernard Magrez, the Silver Press or LA Table d’Hôtes are star-studded tables for tourists.

During their stay in Bordeaux, tourists enjoy being well located. The city centre is home to well-known establishments, including the Yndo Hotel. It is ideally located in the Golden Triangle, at the crossroads of Tourny’s Alleys, Gambetta Square and Stewardship Courses. Staying in a prestigious hotel, guests are looking for an experience. An environment that is both calm and intimate, where they can have a pleasant time. A welcoming and comfortable place, where they won’t need to worry about anything. For those customers for whom standing is important, no detail should be left to chance. That’s why renowned designers bring their touch, to add a touch to the atmosphere of an establishment.

As summer approaches, there is no doubt that the Yndo Hut will appeal to nature-loving tourists. If the end date of the confinement still appears to be uncertain, we know in advance that the project of Agnes GUIOT will be a winner…



Press release – 23 March 2020 “La Cabane Yndo”

Hotel YNDO

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