The Woodrise Congress without a wooden tongue

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The Bordeaux Euratlantique operation will change the face of Bordeaux, with some 730 hectares of redevelopment work spread over the municipalities of Bordeaux, Bègles, but also Floirac, located on the Right Bank.

With its apartment buildings, offices and all the adjoining commercial spaces, the vast Euratlantic district will strengthen the development of the urban community. Large-scale constructions, of course, but also with a desire to respect the environment and to make Bordeaux an ecological city, including the construction of two buildings, Hyperion and Silva,which will be built… it’s a wooden one! Modelled on the Ginko eco-neighbourhood, located in Bordeaux-lac, these two towers will be the first of their kind in the city, followed by other projects of entire neighbourhoods such as on the Right Bank, where 28,000 square meters of wooden buildings will be erected; a promise to sell nearly 50,000 square metres in total on the CUB.

Such technical and ecological advances will allow Bordeaux to become the city with the tallest wooden towers in France, as soon as they are completed in 2019. Faster to build and with a positive impact on the Bordeaux landscape, it didn’t take more than the city to be in the spotlight, organizer of the first world congress around medium and large wooden buildings: the Woodrise Congress.

On September 13th and 14th, the city received people from the community from all over the world, and it was a very productive meeting, bringing solutions for the future. Indeed, this congress was an opportunity to create an international alliance that already has about twenty signatories, bringing together ENGOs and leading players in the construction of wooden buildings to promote bio-based construction.

These include France, Canada, Japan and Brazil, Switzerland and Finland, countries already very focused on ecological and environmental solutions. When in Canada there are almost 90% of detached houses that are built of wood, there are only 15% in France. A figure that Patrick Molinié, head of building at the FCBA in Bordeaux, intends to change… A beautiful development potential already underway for the Bordeaux metropolis, which could become a model for the other major cities of France.

Building a “classic” building (concrete) of Hyperion’s size usually lasts at least 18 months, while the completion of the wooden project would be completed in a year at most. A long-term time saver that should not be overlooked, both economically and physically. There is no shortage of wood in New Aquitaine, with 2.8 million hectares of softwood or hardwood beds, or nearly 15 different species. The construction and marketing of wood creates an important market, with great prospects for growth but also visibility for the Bordeaux market, the city having committed to build nearly 25,000 square meters of wooden buildings each year and for 15 years. Proof that Bordeaux is in a strong dynamic of modernization, in line with the current constraints and environmental issues.

This bodes well for many projects on which flooring in the future…


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