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[Mis à jour le 5 novembre 2020] Appearing in the 1950s in Great Britain, pop art is an artistic style that is intimately inspired by the spirit of that time. This is the abbreviation for “popular art.” It is once again attracting more and more art lovers. The main actors of this artistic movement are Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or Peter Blake. Their works are world-famous, and have become icons.

Exhibits, undermined by COVID-19

Today it is difficult to go to an art gallery to observe works of pop art. The first phase of containment was a first blow for the art galleries. Today, it is again forced to close their doors following the latest government announcements. Already seriously affected by many players in the sector, may not recover. These are, in fact, the predictions of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries. However, new ways of presenting the works are emerging. Thus, thanks to the increasing number of digital platforms, art becomes accessible from its living room. Artists offer dematerialized tours, virtual or even more immersive skirmishes, 360-degree tours. Although this cannot replace physical experience, virtual tours still allow you to maintain an activity for the galleries. This is a new challenge that artists and gallery owners must confront. They must take the opportunity of digital to continue to present their works to the public.

Pop art must adapt to new constraints, those of the COVID-19 epidemic

Pop art exhibition, choice of place, atmosphere

First of all, the choice of the artist is paramount. To find a popart artist,word of mouth, relationships or internet can be useful. Then comes the search for a place, to exhibit the works. To stand out to make you want to see an exhibition sometimes requires going off the beaten track. Pop art is an artistic movement that claims to take art out of museums. This is why an unusual place,which is out of the ordinary is recommended. In Bordeaux, there are all kinds of them.

Organizing an exhibition in a bar turns out to be a pretty original idea. It is a trendy place, ideal for getting in direct contact with lovers of contemporary art. In Bordeaux, the Wooosh regularly organizes art exhibitions for amateurs. The perfect opportunity to showcase pop art works. To set the mood,you can call on musicians to play jazz, for example.

There are also virtual art galleries, where it is possible to buy works. The Bordeaux company KazoArt has made it its workhorse, democratizing art for all. It is also a real springboard for local artists who want to gain visibility with their works. Pop art is one of the artistic styles on display, with works ranging from 150 to 10,000 euros.

Emerging Bordeaux artists, restoring colour to the streets

Organizing an exhibition in the middle of the street can be an interesting alternative. This allows more people to discover art. The natural sunlight will highlight the bright colors of the rooms. Exhibitions have already taken place in Pey Berland Square, or along the Public Garden. Strategic places of passage, which allow you to discover the works of the artists. People are becoming more and more interested in art. Indeed, in 2019, attendance at museums and exhibition venues increased by 16.8%. According to Bordeaux Tourisme figures, this represents no less than 1.45 million visitors. However, with COVID-19, and the closure of containment-related museums, these statistics are likely to fall by 2020. The choice of an outdoor exhibition then takes on its full meaning, to combine love of art and health safety.

Some Bordeaux artists make the city their artistic medium. Since the Banksy era, streets have become creative grounds for coloring buildings, or delivering strong messages. The artist Philippe POULET, for example, is evolving the “Happy Poussin” on the streets of Bordeaux, whose attitude and colours deliver a message of permanent optimism. Alberoner, on the other hand, decorates the bare walls with colorful and very accomplished faces. Jefaerosol offers even more spectacular works, on tens of meters high, as at the Chu Pellegrin. Works with strong messages, tolerance, respect and happiness. Finally, the artist David SELOR has created a real track game with his creations, the “Mimils”. Delivering humorous or philosophical messages, they are present on raw surfaces, wooden plates. These are all artists with a unique style who make the streets of Bordeaux an open-air art exhibition.


The Wooosh – Bordeaux, France


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