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Leboncoin, the second largest player in holiday rentals, is committed to the long term to support the economy and the hospitality sector following the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. Since June, the Group has put in place a recovery plan to support hoteliers and the tourism sector in the recovery of activity. Indeed, this year travelers have been reluctant and have often reserved at the last minute leaving professionals in limbo. Aware of the current economic challenges, the Group is putting in place concrete actions to help the players in the sector.

An advantageous showcase for hoteliers

Leboncoin, is the advertising site that brings together companies, craftsmen, professionals or even individuals in order to facilitate their exchanges. It thus facilitates access to consumption, even more so during this difficult period when physical contact is restricted. Since June, the Group has been expanding its offer with the acquisition of the startup Pilgo at the beginning of the year (1). He launched the hotel category. The offer is different. It positions itself as a virtuous distribution alternative, with true values of sharing. Indeed, on the platform the connection is direct between hoteliers and travelers.

Beyond this privileged contact with customers, the offer offered by Leboncoin is an opportunity for hoteliers to take advantage of the audience of the 2nd player in the holiday rental market in France. By registering on the platform each hotel remains the owner of its data and takes its choices freely. Thus, hotels can be free to offer the best services for their guests.

The new category of the Group attracts more than 6500 hotels of all sizes. They range from groups to independents or from the small family hotel to the prestigious 5-star hotel. Among them are the groups B and B Hotel, Accor, IHG (2)… However, the COVID-19 crisis has not spared the economy and the hospitality sector. The Group understood that it had a mission to play. As a result, it has put in place a recovery plan after the spring containment. The aim was to help hoteliers get back to their business through concrete actions. In the face of the continuing crisis, the group has chosen to extend its support plan while announcing the free platform for hoteliers for the whole of 2021.

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Leboncoin commits to a recovery plan to support hoteliers during the crisis

Leboncoin is committed to the long-term economy of the hotel sector

Indeed, the epidemic played an important role in the decision-making of the French who never waited so long before booking their holidays. COVID-19 continues to impact the sector, which is once again at a standstill. The New Aquitaine region saw its attendance decrease by 13% over the summer season compared to 2019. The Bordeaux tourist office has thus announced results with little commitment for hotels. Indeed, over the period of May and June the latter was occupied at the quarter. In order to support the sector’s economy, the Group is extending its recovery plan and maintaining its actions in support of hoteliers.

Hoteliers were therefore able to benefit during the summer from a communication campaign in order to enhance the destination France and keep the sector afloat. This TV, digital and social media campaign conveys a key message. According to the Group, it is not necessary to change countries to feel out of place. In addition, the latter has offered advertising spaces to French territories and tourism organizations. They represent a value of 250,000 euros during the 2 months of summer holidays. The goal was to offer a potential audience of 28 million monthly users.

At the same time, the Group is committed to meeting health safety standards, helping professionals through a partnership. The Group’s subsidiary, Locasun, specializes in professional rentals (campings, clubs, etc.) has therefore enhanced the announcements of hoteliers with sanitary labels (1). Finally, in order to allow them to replenish cash, the platform will not take any commission on bookings made for the whole of 2021 (2).

Leboncoin, therefore, continues its commitments to the maintenance of the country’s economy and its various players. For hoteliers, it is also a shake-up of their sector and the booking process. They must now seize every opportunity to increase their visibility to an uncertain target. However, they can count on the values of the Leboncoin Group during this difficult period.


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